Flattening and pupillary offsets in Iridology

Pupillary flattening in Iridology
Are flat deformations of a part of the pupil. This usually happens by a sluggish pupillary sphincter muscle partial. On this occasion we will consider whether the sign is only an iris or both, as well as the area of the pupil where the flattening. The diagnostic interpretation of this sign is sluggish iridologist or decreased vegetative tone in a given area.

Pupil decentration Iridology                                                                               
Sometimes it appears that the pupil is not exactly in the center of the iris, but is deflected upward or downward to varying degrees of deviation. These offsets are usually related to pupillary mental instability, both excess energy as default. In these cases we should look into that area targeted by the offset, which would be the most compressed fibers of the iris. These areas are compressed more or less where we will consider the symptoms.

Explanation of pictures

In the photo above we see a clear shift of the pupil by pathologies. However, in the second picture ovalization runout and the pupil is not due to any disease. It is a birth defect. Therefore, before venturing to make fortune tellers, the professional iridologist sure to ask the person before you value the study of iris. In this case the woman was without any difficulty.

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