Fruit and vegetables juices - The best for health

Benefits of fruit and vegetable juices

The benefits of juicing for health

In WikBio we have said repeatedly that the best way to take a food is as nature offers us.

However, fruit juices and vegetables are not only an exception but they are one of the most powerful foods for our health, recover from the disease.

Today we're going to have one of those items that Wikbio consider it a treasure for our health. We had been wanting to do this article. It's finally here.

Health begins at home. We are convinced that if we stay healthy, health begins inside and then manifests on the outside. Drink juices that have much to do with it.

Benefits of fruit and vegetable juices

  • The fruit and vegetable juices and vegetables contain nutrients concentrated, so only drink a few glasses of juice every day will provide your body many of the essential elements to be healthy and strong.
  • The juices of fruits and vegetables will help you lose weight naturally without starving. These juices are low in calories and almost no fat. Do not be tempted to take cookies or candy.
  • The juices give your body the natural vitamins and minerals and total assimilation. Unlike nutritional supplements (many of them are synthetic) fruit juices and vegetables are instantly assimilated by the body.
  • Since our body needs food "live" to generate "living cells", the fruit and vegetable juices will supply these nutrients "live" to your body better than any other food.
  • When we eat vegetables and fruits, the body extracts from the fiber in liquid form you need and it is removed from the intestine. When drinking fruit juice and vegetables eliminate a digestive process, the removal of fluid from the fibers, but your body gets all the nutrients.
  • The juices are absolutely fresh. That is, the nutritional properties are lost often have little time to shake the fruit or vegetable. If we take a fresh carrot juice smoothie will not lose their properties or nutrients.
  • The juice that comes out of a blender is not pasteurized, that is, cooked, so it retains all vital to healthy cells. The juices of fruits and vegetables sold in a store or supermarket must go through a pasteurization process before they can be sold. The reason for this process of pasteurization is that these drinks last longer. However, during this process heat reaches about 120 degrees which destroys the enzymes and many vitamins.
  • The natural juices are pure, since it does not contain additives or preservatives. Of course, if we make our smoothies or vegetables organically grown much better.
  • Concentration of nutrients. If you drink a glass of carrot juice, it contains the equivalent of four cups of chopped carrots. But it also contains almost 95% of the nutritional value of carrots. Whereas if you eat carrots lose most of their properties because their properties are in the fiber that you removed from the intestine. The blender separates the nutrients from the fiber.
  • The fruit and vegetable juices are the fastest way to cleanse the body or "wash" of the toxins accumulated over the years. So the juices have been and are an important tool in natural medicine to correct the disease.
  • For people with digestive juices and smoothies are an excellent solution.

More benefits of juicing vegetables and fruits

  • Uncooked fresh foods help the body eliminate toxins and renew strength and energy and, second to relax.
  • Fresh foods such as juice make your skin stay smooth, shiny hair, fresh breath.
  • Thanks for making all these living nutrients your immune system will be much stronger and better able to fight flu and colds can even disappear.
  • People with arthritis get your joints are more flexible and again the pain disappear.
  • The teeth have fewer cavities and your gums will not bleed.
  • Antioxidants we take naturally with fruit juices and vegetables can not compare to anything, and naturally neutralize free radicals that oxidize us.
  • Chlorophyll, ie "blood" of plants, is another very important element for our health. It is known that helps stop the growth of tumors, especially in the lungs, as it acts on the adrenal glands, lymph nodes clean, enriches the blood and unclogs the arteries. When we take a broccoli juice is like thorns or vaccinated against many diseases.

Which is better fruit juice or vegetable?

Our recommendation is this: While we take equally fruit juice or vegetable juice is preferable to drink more fruit than vegetables. Moreover, we believe it is better to eat more fruits than vegetables. Here are the reasons.

Vegetables are harder to digest when eaten whole. Decompose more slowly than fruits. When we drink vegetable juices, your body gets immediate food or nutrients.

Vegetables are as columns or pillars of our lives, because they make the muscles, organs, tissues and glands stay strong and healthy. This is because vegetables are a major source of minerals we need. With vegetable smoothies immediately got those minerals.

Furthermore, whole fruits are more easily digested than vegetables and are rich in fiber. The fruits are easier to eat the vegetables. It's easy to eat a couple of apples a day or a handful of strawberries, but not so easy to eat three raw carrots.

Besides fruits contain lots of pectin that aids digestion and regulates body functions. Pectin is better absorbed if you eat the whole fruit.

Finally, fruits are invigorating and detoxifying the body.

So while everyone can take the fruit and vegetable smoothies as you like, we knew that a recommendation is to take the juices in the following proportions: two one vegetable juices of fruits each day. That is if you take two of fruits, vegetables take four, if you take a fruit, take two of vegetables.

Can you mix with fruit juices and vegetable juices?

The juices do not mix. The only exception to this rule is that the carrots and apples can be used interchangeably with the fruits or vegetables.

Is it any combination in the juices of fruits or vegetables in?

In virtually fruit itself. Do not worry about what you pour into a blender, but with vegetables or vegetables have to be a little more cautious.

Vegetable juices should be mixed with other more palatable and smooth as carrot and apple. Note that if you make a cup of spinach and lettuce juice is likely to suffer from some form of transient gastric discomfort. So in this case it is better just to fill a quarter of glass of the juice of lettuce and spinach and other carrots. Celery and cucumber are the exception.

What would be the general rule regarding the amount to take for vegetable juices?

The rule is: a glass, take a quarter of it with the green juice, the other three rooms with carrots or apples. On the other hand, take no more than 120 cm 3 of beet juice or 60 cm3 of grass juice per serving.

What I can use vegetables to make vegetable juice?

Vegetable juices are achieved in almost all vegetables: brécoli, cabbage, lettuce, thorns, chard, parsley, celery, beetroot, cucumber, sprouts, potatoes, garlic, onions, etc..

What is the difference between juices and smoothies?

A smoothie is a liquid version of a whole food. In this case using a mixer. For juices using a blender, as vital juices extracted from the fiber.

Juices and smoothies disease

Juices for heartburn

Use alkaline foods, ie, carrot juice, cucumber and beet. Other: carrots, cabbage and celery. The potato juice relieve heartburn. Try potato, carrot, apple and pereji. Watercress also antacids.

Juices for anemia

Take juices rich in iron: Parsley and grape or blackberry and parsley. Others include spinach, cabbage and beets.

Juices for anxiety

For anxiety take grape juice. Any fruit juice containing strawberries is also helpful. Among the juices of vegetables are: carrots, celery or asparagus. Lettuce is also used as a sedative nervous. All alkaline juices are excellent.

Juice for arthritis

Celery and parsley. Pineapple and grapefruit. Cabbage juices are also useful for selenium and sulfur, which owns and relieves inflammation in the joint. Another basic ingredient is celery because it maintains a good balance between sodium and potassium. Be careful with tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplants.

Juices for asthma

Celery, papaya juice or celery, endive and carrot.

Juices for Bronchitis

Juice of 2 lemons and 3 tablespoons honey 1/2 liter of infusion of flaxseed. A teaspoonful every hour.

Juicing for muscle cramps

In this case use carrots, celery, spinach and parsley.

Juice for digestive disorders: colitis, gastritis, gas

The apple is excellent for this type of disorder. Jumos carrots and apples, pears and apples, fennel and apples. Coconut milk and carrot juice. Cantaloupe juice is also a good option. The garlic juice stimulates digestive enzymes and releases toxins through the skin. If you take garlic must be used sparingly. Never take pure garlic juice.
For colitis and diverticulitis cabbage is often used because it contains glutamine. Relieves pain.

Juice for cancer

Fruits and vegetables are high in beta carotene that help prevent certain cancers. Highlights among these apricots and cantaloupe. The American Cancer Society recommends cantaloupe to help prevent bowel cancer and skin.

As for vegetables, we emphasize the carrot, broccoli, sweet potatoes and leafy vegetables. Other interesting vegetables are cabbage and cauliflower. Do not forget that the juice of black grapes has produced genuine "miracles" in people with cancer and has been used for decades against this enferemedad.

Juice for high cholesterol

If we replace fatty foods by juices cholesterol go down without a doubt.

Juice for the heart

Orange juice is great for strengthening blood vessels and capillaries. Beet juices are important for the iron they contain. Other juices: pineapple and carrots with honey. Parsley, alfalfa and pineapple. Also spinach and broccoli.

Juice for the skin

Skin yellowish grape juice.
Acne: all vegetables contain silicon and remove stains. Watercress is also very useful. Endive, cucumber and pineapple are very purifying.

Juicing for bed-wetting

Celery and parsley.

Juice for bladder problems

Celery and pomegranate juice.

Juicing for colds, flu

Citrus juices are excellent for its vitamin C. The pineapple and cranberry juices are excellent. The juices of blueberries, grapes and pineapple. The juice of ginger is an expectorant. The garlic juice cure colds and flu (remember to always mix it with other juices). The juice of ginger and radish clean the nasal cavities and strengthens the mucous membranes. You can also use watercress and apple.

Juice for Diabetes

Would be an excellent juice Brussels sprouts, carrots., Apple and green beans. Always consult your doctor before taking any kind of juice if you have diabetes.

Juice for a sore throat or sore throat

The radish juice and ginger juice mixed with other sinuses clean and strengthen the mucous and relieve, therefore, sore throat. Another good hot drink is the juice of a slice of horseradish, lemon juice, hot water and honey.

Juices for eczema

Watercress contains sulfur and chlorine, excellent to combat skin problems. Combine the watercress and carrots.

Juices fot Eye

To improve visual acuity or drink juice of carrot juice containing this vegetable. The fennel and apple is also very effective.

Juices for Constipation

Vegetable juices are good for constipation. Try the asparagus, potatoes and turnips. Another option: potato, carrot, apple and parsley. Other: celery with a little sweet cream or grape juice and spinach. Among fruit juices: the apple and pear.

Juices for lack of energy

The pure carrot juice or apple combined with excellent to recover lost strength. Another might be: carrots, celery, spinach and parsley. Other: pineapple, radish, dandelion leaves.

Juicing for stomach ulcers

Juices containing cabbage or potato relieve pain.

Juice for diarrhea, infection

Carrot juice and blackberry.

Juices for flu

All citrus fruits are excellent but let's be more precise: oranges and tangerines. Also take only cranberry juice. Another might be apple, grape, pineapple and blueberries. They also fight flu juices containing garlic or ginger.

Juices against smoking and pollution

All juices leafy vegetables and strawberries fight pollution of the lungs. Celery juice eliminates excess carbon dioxide. They are also very good watercress and parsley.

Juices for gallbladder or gallstones

The beet juice containing alleviate disorders of the gallbladder. Also radish juice, prune, black cherry and celery. Also carrot, beet and cucumber. Beets, radishes and green vegetables.

Juices to detoxify or cleanup

Celery juice, parsley, spinach and carrots

Juicing for Gland (development)

Pineapple and egg yolk, a tablespoon of wheat germ, 1/4 teaspoon red seaweed powder.

Juice for Hemorrhoids

Try turnip juice, pear and apple. Also any juice containing potato, for example, potato, carrot, apple and celery.

Juices for impotence

Use ginger rhizome by high zinc content. Besides cabbage, broccoli, cabbage or other cruciferous for its high selenium content.

Celery juice with a teaspoon of wheat germ is also very beneficial.

Juices for underweight

Coconut milk, fig juice, parsley and carrot.

Juices for infections or immune system

Juice of garlic and onion and carrot. Also carrots and blackberries. The grass juice is another immune system strengthener.

Juices for insomnia

Juice of lettuce and celery. Cantaloupe juice. Celery in any juices.

Juices for kidney

Celery juice, parsley and asparagus. Also carrot and parsley.

Juices for liver

Juice of carrot, beet and cucumber. Or horseradish and pineapple.

Juices for neuralgia

Juice cucumber, endive and pineapple.

Juicing for weight loss, obesity

All juices are excellent for losing weight. We emphasize the parsley, celery and beet greens.

Juicing for poor circulation

Beet juice, blackberry, parsley, alfalfa and pineapple.

Juices for bad memory

Juice celery, carrots and prunes and rice polishings.

Juicing for laryngitis

Fresh pineapple juice is best. Can be combined with other fruits and even celery. Ginger mixed with other components is very useful for laryngitis.

As relief for the symptoms take fennel juice mixed with apple or carrot juice. Celery juice is also effective. You can also use pineapple and celery.

Juicing for sores or fever blisters

Cranberries contain quinic acid which improves the mouth and lip sores.

Juice for teeth

The calcium-rich vegetables, like parsley, cabbage and carrots. The dandelion leaves for its magnesium are excellent. The juice of grapes and cherries is a powerful anti-caries. Beet juice, parsley, celery and green cabbage.

Juicing for bleeding gums

Use grapefruit or other citrus. Grapefruit, oranges and strawberries.

Juices for kidney stones

Cranberry juices of the body eliminate toxins and improve kidney function. The watermelon juice is an excellent debugger.

Juice for urinary tract infections (cystitis)

It is best natural cranberry juice. Also blueberries, grapes and pineapple. Another very good juice is to pomegranate. In this case the shell is cleaned of the grenade and gets the whole pomegranate in the blender.

Juices for High Blood Pressure

Garlic juice with other vegetables lower blood pressure. Citrus juices enhance the walls of arteries and capillaries. The watermelon juice lowers blood also being diuretic. Other juices: carrot, parsley and celery. Grape and carrot.

Juice for low blood pressure

Juice of parsley. Also pepper and garlic.

Juices for rickets

Dandelion and Orange

Juices for osteoporosis

All vegetables are an excellent source of natural calcium assimilated. Always include these juices cabbage with carrots and broccoli.

Juices for rheumatism, neuritis

Cucumber, endive and goat whey.

Juices for excessive sweating

Celery and prunes, cucumber and pineapple.

Juices for prostate

The cranberry juice removes purines, uric acid and toxins from the bladder, kidney, prostate and testicles. The watermelon juice is very good for the prostate.

Juice for sunburn

Use carrots always pure or mixed with other juices as a preventive measure.

Juices for sinusitis

The ginger and radish will help eliminate nasal mucus and breathe easier.

Juices for tendinitis

You can use any juice that carries cucumber, sweet pepper or other vegetable rich in silicon. This juice relieves pain.

Juice for stomach disorders

Take a juice made of fennel and apple equally. Another may be turnips, carrots and parsley. Another, any leading vegetable juice potato.

Juicing for nausea and vomiting of pregnancy in general

Containing ginger juice. Many pregnant women has helped in nausea and morning sickness.

Juices are a powerful weapon in the hands of Natural Medicine to combat disease, and also a preventive measure to avoid unmatched disease.

Surely in your kitchen has many appliances. The most valuable of all and the few that promote health is: THE BLENDER.

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