Gallbladder Diet

Diet and gallbladder disease

In WikBio depth we have treated the subject of the gallbladder and its disorders, plus feedback from our users have greatly these items.

We summarize some of the tips related to diet and gallbladder disorders.

We must bear in mind that different circumstances may occur:

People with gallstones by the presence of gravel or stones in the gallbladder.
People who are preparing for a gallbladder removal.
People who have had a cholecystectomy, or gallbladder removal.
There are general tips that can be considered for the three circumstances and specific advice for some of these circumstances. However, the tips given below are helpful for all circumstances.

General recommendations for diet gallbladder

If you start having problems with the gallbladder should consider these tips:

  • The first thing is not to eat in abundance once. It is preferable to make more meals a day with small amounts of food.
  • Avoid fats, very especially cooked.
  • Eat slowly and chew properly unhurried food.
  • Try to avoid indigestion or slow digestion. To note that the right combination of foods.
  • Avoid constipation

Foods to be avoided in the diet for gallbladder

All spicy condiments, sauces and spices

Anything that can be toxic to the body in general: alcohol, spirits and snuff

Fatty foods:

  • Whole milk
  • The cheeses in general
  • Margarine or butter, peanut butter
  • The more oily nuts (walnuts, peanuts, etc.)
  • All oils that have been heated, boiled or fried.
  • The yolk of the egg, especially if it has been fried or cooked

Fatty meats. Still not eating more than 350 g of meat per week

  • Pork and derivatives (sausages)
  • Lamb, duck
  • Chicken or turkey with skin


  • The seafood in general
  • Oily fish or fish more greasy
  • Do not take after eating desserts

Recommended foods in the diet for gallbladder

  • Salads and raw vegetables of all kinds
  • Soy milk and / or rice, oats
  • Vegetable broth with rice, tapioca, buckwheat, oats
  • Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, boiled potatoes
  • Vegetable purees passed by the masher
  • Pasta or macaroni or buckwheat noodles (better than wheat)
  • Grilled meat beef, turkey and chicken without skin. No more than 350 gr. week.
  • Fish: hake, whiting, sole, (whitefish) grilled preferably with a little oil and a little lemon juice.


Digestive Teas as Chamomile, Dandelion, Boldo, Chicory, Mint, Milk Thistle.

Only drink water or fruit juices and vegetables. The beet juice containing relieve gallbladder disorders. Also radish juice, prune, black cherry and celery. Also carrot, beet and cucumber. Beets, radishes and green vegetables.

Special foods for gallbladder:

- The black radish of the best.
- Fasting take 2 tablespoons olive oil with the juice of a lemon or a grapefruit.
- During colic only vegetable broth. After rice or oats. Nothing cow milk.

How to cook foods for gallbladder diet

Do not fry foods
Do not add fat in her cooking
No oils or fats heat over 100 ° C.
Only grilled, steamed, boiled or raw.

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