Gofio and cereals

Gofio is a food originating in the Canary Islands, made from toasted whole grains and milling.
The cereals along with vegetables and fruits are the source of food of plant origin.

The cereals in human food
The cereals more often used in human food are wheat, corn, barley, rye and oats.

Cereals are called to honor Ceres, goddess of Roman mythology, belonging to the ancient Greek cult, which, they say, taught men agriculture and provided them with food so valuable.

They belong to the family of grasses, have a nut (which is actually a seed) edible by humans, who used it or putting it to soak maceration.

The grain or seed for corn is edible both raw and cooked, and consists of the germ, the grain and the shell or protective coating (bran). This grain, having the nature protection cover cells, need to undergo a process of milling or grinding, so that all their components can be attacked by digestive juices and facilitate their assimilation.

Composition of cereals
The germ contains fat, protein and vitamin E, the grain contains starch and some protein, and the shell or protective coating containing cellulose, B vitamins, certain amount of fat and protein. We know that in the food industry present the germ and bran, where the largest number of proteins and nutrients, are separated from the grain used in feeding livestock, in order to obtain white flour. This tells us that if we want a correct diet, which included cereal, the grain is not devoid of most vitamins and proteins.

To get a good digestion of whole grain flours obtained, you must first undergoes a special roasting method under specified conditions of moisture, which transforms the starches into dextrin (derived simpler and soluble), thereby achieving obtain predigested product, which in the first phase of digestion, or chewing, is more easily attacked by the ptialina (enzyme contained in saliva) and its subsequent assimilation is more perfect.

Gofio is only whole cereal flour (wheat) previously roasted in proper condition for dextrinacion occurs, ie the predigestion of starch, thereby facilitating its digestibility and assimilation, resulting in a highly nutritious and easy evacuation in regulating intestinal transit due to their fiber content.

Should we eat cereal?
Breaking away from this article on grain and say that some frugivorous gofio (said of a person or animal that only eats fruit) objected that the grain is not the ideal food for humans since it must first be developed, to be digested, and we even can take the example of birds. These, we would say, have the crop, organ that allows them to feed on grain without first preparing them. We humans do not have stomachs, so we are not designed to feed grain. No reason we took the fruit bats, and in fact, advise those who are suffering a kind of disease that take into account the need to be frugal when making cereals because of their greater acidification of blood plasma and tissue. But we are so far from the ideal genome of creation that many people find it is already impossible to survive without grain. In future articles, not to get out of the topic, to further address this issue for

Discussion: Should we be vegetarians? O? We must be frugivores?
Continuing the theme of cereals and gofio we conclude that to obtain the gofio used several cereals, but the most used are wheat and corn. Gofio common characteristic is that they need little cooking and almost practically dissolve in the liquid (broth, water, etc..), Giving a different flavor and texture to those of ordinary white flour and especially by providing more nutritious.
Because of its high caloric value, nutritious and easy to assimilate many people use it to:

1) Preparation of purees, soups and traditional dishes.
2) infant feeding for the preparation of porridge.
3) For those sensitive stomach, or problems with their digestive system.

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