Grapes and aging

Grapes: contain up to 72% of alkaline salts. Raisins 58%.
They're great for everyone. Sometimes provide 800 calories per kg almost like potatoes.

The grapes for their potassium salts, alkalinity makes owning a diuretic, laxative, colagoga.

The grapes are mineralized, refreshing, decongestant, vitalizing and stimulating the bowel, liver and tissues, and facilitates the cellular oxidation due to vitamin C that has enable digestive assimilation.

Grapes are therefore referred to the bilious and sanguine temperament. It is good for anemia, intoxication, gastritis, patients liver or spleen, dropsy, enteritis, constipation, etc..

The grape cure has a wonderful detoxifying effect. Stimulates liver function and in particular, the biliary secretion. In cases of bad circulation, myocarditis, heart failure, hypertension and kidney disease in the grape juice helps the evacuation of fluids held in the tissues (edema).

In cases of rheumatism, gout, serum uric acid, grape cure facilitates the elimination of morbid matter and protein sparing. Make a real wash of blood.

The grapes and aging
One substance that is present in grapes is resveratrol, also present in nuts, slows the deterioration of our body due to aging processes, improving quality of life for seniors. In a study conducted by the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore (USA) and published in the journal Cell Metabolism, the effects of resvaratrol in experimental animals have shown that this substance decreases the harmful oxidative stress and get healthy aging similar to that produced by caloric restriction in the diet.

We know that low calorie diets not only improve the status of Salu of a person, but also protect us against the development of cancerous tumors (prevention of carcionogenesis) which may arise in older people.

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