Health Insurance: How to choose one?

Health Insurance: How to choose one?
There are many factors to take into account when selecting a good health insurance that meets our needs and our family.

Listed below are some points to consider when choosing a health insurance you need.

What types of Health Insurance exist?
First you have to think about what type of policy is most appropriate. Health insurance is usually classified by the coverages included (medical, dental, etc..) Ages or profiles (autonomous foreign residents in the country, students, etc..) Geographic location (providing local, national, international).

Usually there are two main forms of insurance: Insurance and Medical Insurance Table Refund.

Advantages of hiring a Medical Insurance Table
- Free choice of professionals in the country of residence: With health insurance you can choose to frame the professional and the most convenient center within the insurance network.

- Simple: simply pays a monthly fee and has covered 100% of the costs of services.

- See a doctor when you need it and pay a small amount s (copayment). Copayments prevent the rise of the premium generic to all customers, since this cost is distributed according to individual use of services.

- Lots of options: Provision of a wide variety of insurance medical chart, with different coverages to best suit their specific needs: Dental Insurance, Family Insurance, Self Insurance, Insurance Essential, basic insurance, etc.

Advantages of hiring a Reimbursement Insurance
- Free choice of residence in the country: you can choose between the practitioner and the medical center suited to your taste within the network of the insurer in the country of residence. Will usually have 100% coverage of service costs including insurance.

- Free choice abroad: you can go to any professional or medical facility worldwide and the insurer will return between 80 and 100% of medical expenses.

- No copayments: If your refund option is do not have to pay copayments.

- Flexibility: the insurer shall make available a variety of insurance reimbursement, with different coverages to best suit their specific needs.

What usually cover a health insurance?
The regular coverage of health insurance are organized around five groups of medical care:

- Medicine Primary care is the general and pediatric medical and ambulance services and emergency care (home care).

- Professional care: medical care is provided by the specialist in diagnostic tests or surgical interventions, whether in consultation or during hospitalization.

- Hospitalization: all services needed at the time of surgery.

- Health programs: specialized programs are often available to customers who need it as, inter alia, the preparation for childbirth, cardiovascular care, smoking cessation, etc.

Other coverage: 24 hours telephone care, psychology, second medical opinion, emergency assistance abroad, etc.

I have to pay to go to the doctor?
Normally insurance medical chart (not the recoverable) involve a sharing in the cost of services or copayment. A copayment is a set minimum amount the insured must pay for each use of health services.

Copayments are a measure implemented by most health insurance companies to raise awareness of responsible use of medical services. Moreover, the generic copayment avoided premium increases to the entire customer base through the distribution of that cost by use of medical services by each customer.

What tests and specialties include health insurance?
At this point it is necessary to ask about medical specialties, surgical and diagnostic tests available to them under the company and you can access to every insurance.

Can I choose the specialist I need?
Another important factor when deciding on health insurance or other is sure if their doctors of reference are agreed upon by the insurer.
The key to health insurance is on the free choice of doctor, whether the doctor box itself or through reimbursement of a product that will allow him also go to any doctor in the world.

What to keep in mind about the age to purchase health insurance?
It is usually very important because some insurers have a maximum hiring age of 64.
On the other hand other companies offer insurance designed for people over 60 years, with coverage and specific benefits.

Should I consider my place of residence?
Yes, you must ensure that the company has a good medical chart in place of residence. Before hiring your health insurance is important to consult doctors and centers near your home, especially if you live in a small town.

Is it important that the insurer has its own centers, in addition to subsidized private schools?
It is important that the company has its own medical facilities exclusively for its customers, or in medical centers concluded that it is chiefly to the customers of its insurance company.
Ideally, the company's own facilities are available many specialties in the center, so you can save travel and be treated for different diagnostic tests.

What I value in medical centers?
It is also important to assess schools, own and concluded that the company offers: the condition of facilities, accessibility, availability of parking, rooms, possibility of bed for a companion in case of hospitalization, menus, cafeteria.
Anything that will facilitate and make more pleasant the stay for the whole family in the event of payment.
In addition, information on whether the centers are equipped with the latest treatments and technological advances.

Why choose a company and not another?
Since medical insurance is thinking about the medium and long term, make sure the company has proven reputation and experience.

It is essential that offers the best specialists and the latest techniques, especially in those specialties in which you have interest (gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, etc. ...).

Are you including Dental Insurance?
Many health insurance, including basic dentistry, under this coverage is usually included extractions, dental treatments derived from these or cleaning of the mouth.
To access more comprehensive services within this specialty as diagnostic tests, preventive treatments, surgeries, prostheses or correction should take out a dental insurance. Therefore, should take into account whether the company offers complementary dental insurance coverage and offering prices.

What is the grace period of insurance?
Before hiring your insurance, see whether it contemplates vesting periods:

Period of grace: it is a very common in health insurance and is the period of time (counted by months from the effective date of insurance) during which not even enter into force some of the coverages included within guarantees of the policy.

Are there facilities for payment or discounts?
Some insurance companies offer significant discounts depending on the frequency of payment (annual, semi ...), seniority, or number of insured. It is important to ask if the company you choose will ultimately bring this type of discount, since it can be a big savings over time.

What treatment should I expect?
Before taking a decision on which company to choose the deal valued customer and offered by the company. Besides having the best medical professionals and the latest technology, your health insurance company must offer a close and personal.

As a customer and as a person, this human treatment will make you feel more satisfied with their choice. On the other hand, if you are receiving medical treatment close and personalized attention can foster a positive evolution of the patient.

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