Healthy diet and eating habits

Healthy eating

You will never be healthy if you eat healthy foods from time to time. You have to make a habit of healthy eating if you want to obtain the health based on their food.

The people who make flexion exercises five days a week for more than 25 years get their arms are very strong, but this is only achieved with the habit of regular exercise. They did not begin to do push-ups for a couple of weeks or months and then left. They had to do push-ups with his arms on a regular basis if they wanted to obtain the desired results. Exactly the same happens with a healthy diet and eating habits.

People start many diets based on a healthy diet to read books or watch web sites that talk about nutrition, as WikBio. Although many of these books and websites claim that must eat in order to achieve health, often do not teach how to make healthy eating a habit. Thus, in a short period of time when they come the temptations, fatigue, people fall back into unhealthy eating habits.

What is a habit? According to a dictionary a habit is a pattern of behavior acquired by frequent repetition.

He understands that if we limit ourselves to apply this principle to healthy food we will be on the way to health with capital letters?

Bad eating habits

Bad eating habits do not develop overnight overnight. For the majority of those bad habits began to form when they were children. Thus, one reason why many adults have difficulty to break their bad eating habits due to these habits have been part of their lifestyle for many years. Therefore, do not waste your time and instills good eating habits in their children now. Remember that if you do it is investing in the future health of their children.

Why do we eat?

There are two main reasons why we eat. One of them is the supply of fuel or energy for our body. The other reason is for pleasure. Unfortunately some of the foods that give us pleasure are not healthy.

Most of the people makes its selection of food on the basis of what they see, smell, or taste. An example can be found in the following phrases: that cake that looks good! How well smell this cake! How well known this cake!

Note that the three previous statements relate food with pleasure. However, the food that is producing pleasure (in this case the cake) can be good for you or not from a nutritional point of view. That is why we have to be careful in the selection of our food and not only let us go by our senses of sight, taste or smell.

Healthy eating can be fun

Some people think that a healthy diet is boring and that it lacks of pleasant flavours. One reason why people think like this is because most of the advertisements promote foods high in calories, fat or sugar, and only a small percentage of food advertising is done for fruits, vegetables, seeds and beans. Therefore if there was more nutritional education, more and more people would find pleasant and tasty healthy eating.

How to make a healthy eating habit

How to make healthy eating a habit?

Start with breakfast

Start little by little. Start with breakfast. Include in your breakfast fresh fruits or dried sweet fruits with a glass of oatmeal or soy and rice milk, pollen and honey. If average tomorrow you have hunger take almonds with apples or any other dried fruit, or more fresh fruit dried (dates, pan de higo, etc.). I.e. go forgetting coffee with milk and sugar.

To take nuts go getting used to set aside the fried and toasted and start to consume the fresh nuts.

Continue with dinner

When you have grown accustomed to this type of breakfast go to dinner. Make that their dinners seem to your breakfast. Dinner tables you can include soups vegetables with oats. But it is better to not it gets used to take meat at night. Let the proteins for the midday meal.

Include a salad in your lunch

To go getting used to these dinners, start to include as a first course of your lunch or midday meal a good salad. How much larger, colorful and varied better for you!

After having picked up the habit of salad as a starter, start to not mix foods in your meals. I.e. If you eat protein eat only protein. If you want to eat carbohydrates do not mix them with protein.

And finally, once it has already caught eating healthy habits start to cook healthfully.

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