Healthy nutrition is learned, is not common sense

Learn how to feed correctly

You ever wondered why in the West there is an epidemic of overweight and obese children? Why in school they teach me the list of the Goths or the ancient Egyptian culture and not taught me to eat healthily?

Many people think that the issue of health and nutrition is a matter of common sense. However, we will explain the reason why these people are totally wrong.

As you know, common sense is not related to a specialized knowledge. Often we use this expression of "common sense" to refer to many things in life that can be learned from parents, teachers, mentors or coaches. We also have a large part of this common knowledge through what we see. Driving on the right in Spain for example, is common sense. You perceive this by what he sees.

However, we have a problem when it comes to relate common sense with the power supply. It is as follows:

1 - You learn to eat by television

This is crazy! It is difficult to view an advertisement, a film, or a series of television in which persons or actors eat correctly or in a healthy way. It is always or diets, prefabricated or fast food or junk food. Many children are placed in front of the TV for hours and they do not understand why cereal with sugar and chocolate, or refined cereals should not be part of your breakfast. Programmes of kitchen in which out famous chefs explaining us as do the dishes, not teach us of nutrition and health, although it begins to appreciate an attempt to change this trend.

2 - Learn what you see at home

If you were witness to a lot of healthy eating habits (eating fruits, vegetables, moderate amounts), then probably you would have good eating habits with their parents. But that is what has been in your home? If so, you are privileged.

3 - You learn that you have to eat everything what he puts on the plate

Who cares if hunger disappears or is satisfied to half of the food! They have taught him that it is not polite not to eat everything. Children are taught that what is in front of you at the dish must eat it; This is most important if you have hungry or not.

4. You learn healthy eating at school?

Some schools have good programs of study which include nutrition, but most not take account of these issues. The only thing I know about power the majority of school-age children is the food pyramid. And if your child is eating in a school, because I did not wait to be taught to feed correctly. Only a few schools (private) have the choice of vegetarian dining or food from organic farming. In schools our children learn more about the ancient Egyptians or the Goths that healthy eating. And what is that of a complex carbohydrate or essential fatty acids or combinations of foods? Do you understand what we want to explain?

Learn how to feed correctly

Most of the things that we learn are common sense. It is common sense not to touch a hot stove. Why? Someone taught us that he tried and her body responded saying the pain receptors of the hand that he didn't like that. All have burned us once and we do not like.

You learned that the stove was hot and do not touch it. It is common sense. It does not require any specialized knowledge.

The same goes for food. As no specialized knowledge is not required to eat properly, people think that it is common sense; However, it is not common sense.

The reason for most people is wrong it is because never taught them, lack them health education.

People receive a large amount of information from television, books of diets and fast foods or sugary cereals. His parents did not learn well and passed to their children the information they possess. Food errors are still spreading.

There is a pressure to finish everything what he puts on the plate, but runs all the food in your plate is a waste, but ignores the absence of the sensation of hunger in many cases. Have you or your child fever? Your body tells him "don't want to eat", but you has is led to believe that it is weak because of the fever and that you have to eat right to recover as quickly as possible. I.e. the opposite of what your instinct teaches.

In school, learn to read, learn to write, learns to solve mathematical problems, learn history, learn from different cultures (I had to learn to latin); but you will never learn what is health, or what is a complete and healthy meal or food properties. I.e., there are things that you learn in school that you will never again them to use in your life, but learn them, and what uses or does every day (feed) and several times does not teach it.

We do not want to tire him more with the theme. In WikBio you have information more than enough to start learning. The only thing missing is that he wants to learn.

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