Heart disease diagnosis

If you suspect a possible heart condition are listed below the most important tests that can be performed:

*Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) records the electrical activity of the heart as it contracts and relaxes. Enables detection of abnormal heartbeat and also determine whether certain areas have been injured, if there is adequate blood flow, or if there was an enlarged heart muscle.

*Blood tests can detect the presence of enzymes or other substances the body produces when cells begin to die. These substances are "markers" that help determine the extent of damage to the heart.

*Nuclear heart scans: Expose affected areas of the heart that have insufficient blood flow. It can help identify problems related to heart's pumping ability. This test uses radiotracers that analyze how well blood flows to the heart.

*Coronary angiography (or arteriography): This test uses dye and special x-rays to produce images inside coronary arteries.

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