Hepar sulphur - Homeopathics Remedies

Hepar Sulphur Benefits

Main indications of Hepar sulfur

  • Scabs on the head (with hair loss and humidity).
  • Inflammation of the eye, (scrofulous).
  • Drainage from the ear, foul odor from the nose, swelling, and pus in the glands, rashes on the face (in scrofulous children).
  • Saliva flow
  • Inflammation of the neck
  • Catarrh of the larynx and pharynx with chronic hoarseness, croup.
  • Scrofulous eruptions of the skin tumors, swelling of the glands and abscesses, boils, boils, tumors in the extreme joint of the fingers.

Key features of Hepar Sulphur

And ulcerated sore lumps on the head, dandruff and wet vesicles, the eyes become red and swollen, with severe pain, throbbing, burning, tearing, and stick together at night, the eyelids are closed convulsively and aversion to light; tumors spots on the cornea, itching, stinging and redness in the ear; expulsion of fetid pus and scabs behind the ears, swelling of the nose, dripping sticky, yellowish liquid, and gives a blow or too smelly mucus bloody, smell very fine persistent rash on the face, the corners of the mouth become irritated and have scabs, neck glands are swollen, inflamed gums with salivation, pain in the neck as if he were inside a wooden dowel with swelling, pain scratches inside, hoarseness and cough deep, dull, especially after drinking, dry coughing, hoarse with anguish and swallowing efforts to mourn, breathing distressing silvante, with the danger of drowning when the patient is cast, hits that force choke throw your head back.

Unwholesome skin, continually subject to all evil dandruff, burning pain throughout the body, often leaving vesicles after scratching, rashes grains, lumps herpetic swellings and matter of all kinds; tumors easily throw smelly and blood, with stinging and itching, biting, especially at night, swelling of glands, which pass easily to discharge, and that heal with difficulty and slowly.

Dose of Hepar Sulphur

In chronic cases especially in the herpes and skin, the dose will at long intervals, as 1 to 2 per week; violent inflammation of the eyes and threatens croup will be given every 2 or 3 hours the amount that fits over the tip of a knife, and dilution 2 nd or 3 rd. As for the diet will be guided by what is said in the Calcarea.

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