Home remedies for amenorrhea


Amenorrhea is a condition that occurs in some women due to a variety of causes.

It refers to the fact that women does not have your period for three months or more. In women of reproductive age amenorrhea only is considered normal during pregnancy and lactation. If we eliminate these two possibilities it means that we must seek the causes of amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea is not a dangerous condition, but needs to be treated as soon as it occurs because in the majority of cases it is caused by another medical problem.

Causes of amenorrhea

Identify the causes of amenorrhea is very important because the treatment of this disease is closely related to the causes. For example, amenorrhea may be caused by hormonal problems or a disease of the ovaries. This can occur in women with Polycystic ovaries (PCOS) syndrome. This means that the treatment options should take into consideration the resolution of these problems.

Amenorrhea also occurs in women who are overweight or who have nutritional deficiencies. Bulimia and anorexia triggers lack of menstruation, as well as stress or unhealthy life style. The causes of this situation are complex and sometimes difficult to identify. Once the causes are clear, the task of the treatment of amenorrhea is easier because both the doctor and the patient have a starting point.

Home remedies for amenorrhea

There are home remedies for the treatment of amenorrhea that some women take into account after having identified the cause. Along with home remedies, it is also recommended to maintain a healthy life and above all a healthy diet. It seems that the options of the diet in a women with amenorrhea can interfere much in their well-being and trigger disorders such as amenorrhea.

Some home remedies for the treatment of amenorrhea include:

  • Ginger tea should be consumed every day
  • Home remedies with beet juice. The consumption of fresh beet has the same effects as the juice and strengthens the blood.
  • Another effective herb in the normalization of menstruation is the blue cohosh. This herb to have properties emenagogas stimulates menstruation.
  • Cucumbers and squash are recommended to introduce in your daily diet as they stimulate the menstrual flow and therefore are a good home remedy for amenorrhoea.
  • Turmeric is considered useful for the secondary amenorrhea. It is recommended that you mix with milk and consume on a daily basis.
  • Some types of seeds, as the celery, fenugreek seeds and sesame seeds are beneficial in determining the onset of menstruation and combat the amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea can be caused by an excess of stress or anxiety. In this case, there are techniques of relaxation and meditation that could have positive results.

There are vitamins and supplements of minerals that are indicated in the event that the amenorrhea is caused by poor nutrition.

In all cases of amenorrhea is good to make a doctor's appointment or with the health professional to rule out pregnancy before taking any treatment.

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