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Disorders of the ears should not be treated as of little importance because the pus to form in the otitis, the most common disease, can reach the cranial cavity causing serious consequences. Meningitis are known to have had its cause in a bad ear infection cured. In addition to ear infections, deafness may owe their origin to a badly healed otitis in childhood.

We made a compilation of some of the major homeopathic remedies for diseases of the ears. Like all other articles of this series, homeopathy does not treat diseases but especially the sick, so that the homeopath will care to know her symptoms and individualize treatment.

Some of these stress symptoms: otitis externa, middle and inner. Inflammation of the eustachian tube, hearing loss or deafness, ear pain, drainage of pus more or less purulent otitis in children, feeling of fullness in the ears or entalonados, pulsations and noises in the ears, tinnitus and ear pain.

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Homeopathic Remedies for ear

Calcarea carb
(+ +) Catarrh and inflammation of the Eustachian tube, with hearing loss.
Hearing loss during menstruation or working with water. Mastoiditis. Otitis media and interna, with purulent discharge, thick, fetid, bloody, yellowish suppressed. Earache: in wet weather, with swallowing; extended inward. Humid eruptions, scaly, rash retroauricular moist eczema, below the ears. Dry your ears. Noises in the ears, like flapping, hissing, bells, roaring, singing, as if swallowing something crushed. Pulsation in ears. Polyps.

Mercurius sol
(+++) Mercurial odor is offensive, fetid: breath, sweat, feces, nasal secretions and ear, sputum, urine, etc..

(+ +) Earache burning, pressing or stitching, worse at night and the alue of the bed, sometimes with cold feeling, as if ice in my ear. Feeling as if cold water out of the ears, which occurs suddenly and intermittently, with violent itching of the intervals. Otitis media.

Suppuration of the middle ear. Perforated eardrum. Descaraa discharge or the ears: purulent (with sores and abrasions, or fungus in the ear), or greenish, yellowish, greenish yellow, bloody, excoriating, offensive, with pain. Download cerumen. Disorders suppression of discharges from the ear.

(+++) Sensitive ears and ears open air and wind. Otitis media with otalgia, stooping stitches, the boy puts his hand to his ear. It is one of the most important remedies for earache (in children if produced by cold and has redness on her cheek. Pulsatilla is like in this respect, but to be effective must be a mentally Chamomilla). Noise in the ear or water jet, buzzing. Feeling of fullness in the ears. Hypersensitive hearing, especially when they, not tolerate the music. Purulent discharge watery.

(+ +) Otalgia of all kinds, especially the right side, or facial pain extending down his neck. Drainage from the ears.

Hypersensitive to noise, or hearing impairment or deafness, as if a skin Freezing of ears. Pulsations. Noises in the ears, roaring, buzzing, doorbells.

(+ +) Otorreas acute or chronic, cheesy, thick, purulent, fetid, yellowish or watery, bloody. Suppuration of the middle ear. Catarrh, inflammation and itching of the eustachian tube. Sensation of plugged ear. Earache terebrantes, throbbing, or blows from the inside out. Itching in the ear, worse when swallowing. Crusty eruptions behind the ears. Thin and copious cerumen. Noises in the ears, like roaring or singing or fluttering of birds. Hearing loss worse at full moon, and the human voice, for catarrh of the horn; post-measles. Hypersensitivity to the thumping sounds.

(+ +) Rash behind the ears: damp cold. Cerumen greatly increased.

Catarrh of the Eustachian tube. Discharge from the ear: offensive, bloody or purulent. Red ears, itching, burning. Otitis media.

Earache: bursting with feeling, pressing, outward, or behind the ear stitches behind the ear, tearing. Clogged ear sensation.

Noises in the ears, with vertigo, ringing, squeaking, rustling, ringing, roaring, singing, like clicks, to turn his head, jingling; whistles. Each sound, or voice, echoing in his ears, with hearing loss.

(+ +) Catarrh and inflammation of the Eustachian tube, with hearing loss.

Hearing loss after taking cold or after measles or scarlet fever.

Purulent discharge from the ear, yellow or greenish yellow, thick, non-irritating, usually after measles or scarlet fever or as a sequel to another disease or in acute otitis. Auricular meatus red, itching in the ear. Otitis media, especially in children; clogged ear sensation.

Earache rightmost worse at night, better by cold applications, pressing outwards, as if something pressed out, by taking fro, blowing in a warm room; are tearing or stitching, and madden. Keystrokes night in the ears. Hey rings, roars or exhaust noises synchronous with the pulse. Cerumen black, hardened.

(+) Ringing in the ears, continuous, with hearing loss. Cracking swallowing.
Sudden deafness in his right ear by taking cold, worse at night with noise.
Right ear discharge fetid, watery, yellow or greenish yellow, with deafness, with intolerable itching in the ears. Blood coming out of ears.
Cerumen black, dry and hardened. Otalgia. Crusty eruptions on the ears.
Sounds like thunder, roars, whistles, bells.

(+) Pain in the ears, on the right, better lying on it. Earache with sore throat, worse when swallowing. Ears cold (during fever), sensitive to wind. Dryness in the ear. Cerumen sparse, dry, or hard, pale, or white. Noises of all kinds (buzzes, squeaks, growls, sounds of drum). Blockage of the Eustachian tube. The patient gets every time a finger in the ear; coughs scratching the ear canal.

Hypersensitive to noise, it can affect teeth. Hearing loss. Bleeding out the ears. Excoriation and scaling behind the ears.

(+ +) Points on the ears. The eardrums are coated with white or capillaries are distended. Hearing loss, but best heard amid sounds or traveling in a vehicle. Noises in the ears: ringing, bells, blowing, roaring (at night), clicks (after each burp), cracks or thunder. Cracking when eating or moving the jaw (in the morning in bed) and sneezing. Violent noises in the ears at night.

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