Homeopathy heals the sick, not the disease

Homeopathic remedies.
For homeopathy, caring for a sick does not mean eliminating the symptoms. A symptom, from the homeopathic viewpoint, is merely an indicator of the breakdown of a balance. Therefore, the homeopath, will not attempt to remove the symptom, unless this is life threatening or intolerable. The homeopath starts reaction forces of the individual, is a therapy whose action is based on the response of the organism. After taking a homeopathic remedy, the effects will manifest for some time, like a satellite follows its course once it is put into orbit.

So homeopathy aims to cure the patient as a whole, not just the disease or disorder that the patient suffers. This healing goes through improvement of the "field", very different from one person to another. An example of this is in the case of the flu, a person is affected and because no other individual characteristics, by his energy and vitality of your immune system, its internal toxic load. From the viewpoint of homeopathy cure is achieved when an individual free of disease, experience an enduring physical and spiritual welfare for two years or more.

Therefore, homeopathy can be considered a form of preventive medicine: its aim is to avoid the appearance of new manifestations of the same imbalance, correcting it rather than the manifestations of the disease: symptoms.

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