How to be a healthy dinner

Fruits for dinner

The first thing to keep in mind regarding the dinners is that it should be a family affair. Dinner should be the time when after a busy day all family members share experiences and news of their activities.

Dinner, maybe pay more for this type of family gathering, while even a good time to learn the rules of healthy eating for children. Rules as eating with cheerful, quiet pleasure, good manners, a taste for simple food, knowing chew and eat slowly, and the most important rule of all: knowing when to stop eating.

What should be one of the objectives of the dinner?

The question seems unnecessary, but it is not. Dinner should not be just a meal, as another source of nutrients for the body. First dinner should help balance your day nutritionally. We explained.

If the lunch salad took very little because of the circumstances of the day, enjoy dinner to eat a good salad. If during the day could not eat fruit, take the dinner to dinner with some fruit vegetable drink (oats, rice, soybeans, etc.). If you ate at noon was a good serving of carbohydrate dinner advantage to take a protein or vice versa. On this subject say that it is better at night if you are not sick, dinner carbohydrates rather than proteins. Do not forget that proteins are more stimulatory than carbohydrates, and therefore not conducive sleep as carbohydrates. So a good dinner would be a salad with potatoes and some accompanying vegetables or a salad and pumpkin puree with oatmeal, etc.

If you want to eat is protein, can take your egg salad with walnuts or almonds. To make the best possible digestion, always soak nuts for several hours in fruit juice, tea or honey water. I can take the egg poached or scrambled with spinach or other vegetables. Another very interesting vegetable protein tofu or tofu. Another protein may be some kind of cottage cheese with some fruit. However, at night, better not take red meat.

Other tips for dinner

Do not forget dinner at a reasonable hour. Much later and dinner is closer to the time to go to sleep worse. It is always preferable to have digestion almost entirely made or done before going to bed.

Moreover, no matter how excellent dinner be prepared if there is no emotionally stable or balanced. If you feel upset, depressed, elated, sick or without eating heartily NOT EAT! The dinner will not make you more right.

And finally, do not forget that your dinner should contribute, as the rest of the meal of the day, you are in a healthy state. If you plant a seed in a well mineralized soil with plenty of nutrients, the result will be a healthy plant, robust, free from disease and insect resistant. Similarly, if you enter in your dinner healthy food, balanced, doing good digestion and proper assimilation, sure to stay away from diseases and more resistant to infection. Remember that there is nothing like liquefied vegetables to be healthy, so include them in your dinner.

In our article Health Diet find many suggestions for different types of dinners. These suggestions and your imagination do the rest.

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