How to increase blood levels of HDL or "good cholesterol"

How to avoid the risk of heart attack

Medicine believes that the proportion of HDL and LDL is an important indicator of heart disease risk.

According to various studies, the coronary heart disease grows in the same proportion that decreased levels of HDL (high density lipoprotein) or commonly called "good cholesterol". Statistics from the Framingham experiment revealed that a 55 year old with an HDL level of 65 mg / dl, is half as likely to develop atherosclerosis than another of the same age with the same habits and blood pressure but HDL which is only 45 mg / dl.

How to increase blood levels of HDL or "good cholesterol"

Although science does not get fully agree on this matter, experience shows that it can increase levels of HDL or "good cholesterol".

HDL and exercise

It is known that people obsese, sedentary and smoke have HDL levels. So if these people change their lifestyle significantly increase HDL levels.

It has been found, moreover, that marathon runners, male or female, have a good amount of HDL in your blood. In one study, these runners were about 20 mg / dl HDL over others with physically inactive lives.

In another study in Texas (U.S.) compared to 200 marathon runners, jogging and sedentary men, and the conclusion was that the new more running each day were those with the highest levels of HDL.

HDL and alcoholic beverages

Another interesting Framingham team is related to the moderate use of alcoholic beverages. People who drink moderately have higher HDL levels than abstainers or heavy drinkers.

HDL and sex

It is known that until menopause, women have higher HDL levels than men. As a result, until menopause, women have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease. Then the ratio is equal.

HDL and inheritance

One researcher found levels of 700 mg / dl in families with a history of longevity in many of its members. This fact is a clear indication that family history may indicate our willingness or not to CHD.

HDL and diet

For decades, the Finns have had a mortality rate of the highest related heart attacks because their diet was rich in dairy products. The researchers proposed a study to see if changing to a low fat diet would improve the health of the Finns. People who participated in the study drank a milk "rellanada" soybean oil containing powdered milk, and also changed the butter with margarine. The result was remarkable. Those who followed this dietary change your cholesterol level decreased by 15%. The men who made the diet were half of deaths from heart disease than the other taking the typical Finnish food. As for the women who followed the low-fat diet had one-third fewer deaths.


According to these data, it seems that we can change our blood HDL levels and, therefore, prevent the risk of coronary heart disease. Switching to a diet free of fat, moderate consumption of alcohol and regular exercise are factors that can help increase HDL levels in blood. If you are also women of childbearing age and family have a history of high levels of HDL, the risk of coronary heart disease are scarce.

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