How to look younger

Food to feel young

Each of us wants to maintain good health, a youthful appearance, good amount of energy and free of disease.

We are looking for "discoveries of science" and "innovative drugs" or "magic" full of good promises. While we have made significant advances in our understanding of the human body and life, yet we find that the vital health and youth who are looking for is elusive. What ultimately scientists have come to recognize is that the "Fountain of Youth" lies "naturally" in each one of us.

As we look at the nature and lifestyle of earlier cultures, we found no disease problems or excess weight that occur in our modern society. This should make us think about what these cultures did well and has proven to work over time.

For example, if one tries to live a more natural lifestyle, related to diet (more vegetables and raw foods), exercise, environment and the use of pure water, the result is a better quality of life much of their time free of disease.

The standard American diet today, unfortunately, is composed of many processed foods deplete the body of necessary nutrients and creates difficulties for the digestive system, resulting in problems in the colon.

He is known for the natural health industry that over 90% of all human diseases are caused by constipation. This also accelerates the aging process.

Modern science has not been nor will ever be able to find a drug that can restore health. Of course not interested, because what matters is the chronicity of the disease to follow the consumption of drugs and the pharmaceutical business. But also, it is not necessary. The solution is simply a more natural lifestyle that involves the integration of preventive and corrective measures in time.

Corrective measures for health

Some of these corrective actions to cleanse and detoxify the body and get rid of some of the causes of disease:

Drinking adequate amounts of pure water.

Stimulate the digestive system with a reflexology massage on the soles of your feet every day. Reflexology charts are available in health stores or online.

Stimulation of the removal process. There are several good ways to get this but the easiest is to simply eat a large green salad (full of fresh, raw vegetables, preferably organic) with each of your meals throughout the day. The consumption of 3 to 5 salads per day not only helps you look younger, but also adds years to your life, gives you energy and helps you lose excess weight quickly.

If the day is too busy to eat enough raw vegetables each day, just drink a high quality vegetable drink (milkshake natural).

Other measures to achieve better health may include the following:

Remove from your diet of processed foods, refined and devitalized. Raw foods contain nutrients and organic your body needs and easily digestible.

Increasing physical activity and enjoy nature with regular outdoor activities, or by integrating an exercise program, etc..

Spending time outdoors each day to breathe clean, fresh air deeply.

Be happy, smile often and laugh at something every day. Sounds too easy, but eliminating stress is to increase health.

Nature has much to offer if you are willing to make changes. Start today to implement these suggestions as part of your new lifestyle.

Good health and long life, and find the true fountain of youth is within oneself.

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