How to massage your colon to relieve constipation

How to massage the colon

A massage in the abdominal area is a great way to tone the muscles of the colon.

If done regularly, this massage will strengthen the walls of the colon and will help to loosen stagnant feces that cause constipation. If you are trying to cure your constipation so you can massage for a week or two your abdomen until you delete your constipation. A regular massage can be of great benefit to the colon and surrounding organs.

You can do this massage with some oil for the skin when you are relaxing in bed or you can do in the shower using a mild soap that will allow you to slide your hand on your stomach with relative ease.

How is a colon massage

Start the massage at the bottom right near your appendix. Start with small circles or short strokes in an upward direction, ie moves upward toward the rib cage. This is the address of your stool as it moves through the colon. Beware if you have long nails because it may interfere with this massage.

You can apply some pressure to do the massage. You might want to start gently and increase pressure on the following days.

Massage in the ileocecal valve

When you start your circular massage near your appendix, also strengthen the ileocecal valve. If in the shower every day, makes this massage strengthen and tone your ileocecal valve. This valve is the gateway between the small intestine and colon. Having a strong ileocecal valve will make the stool in the colon can not be pulled back into the small intestine.

Massaging near the appendix also help to move any stagnant fecal material that is trapped there. The fecal matter stuck in the appendix can lead to accumulation of bacteria and appendicitis (inflamed appendix).

So be sure to get a massage in your ileocecal valve everyday in the shower or oil just before getting out of bed for a minute or less.

Massage in the transverse colon and descending

Now, once you've reached the rib cage or slightly below, you have to run to the left until the outermost point of the left ribcage (transverse colon). And then moves downwards towards the groin.

Take 2-3 minutes to do this massage and you will get improve constipation and begin to feel a general sense of wellbeing.

If there be pain massage

As you massage your colon if you find areas that have a lot of pain slight pain or feel free to work these areas. Working these areas probably reduced the pain with daily massages.

If you find that there are areas with deep pain in the colon, do not continue with the massage. Consider asking your doctor if pain persists.

Remember to move your hands in one direction, with short upward, then left and finally down. Massage your ileocecal valve everyday and stimulate the area of ​​the appendix.

These massages will help loosen and move fecal matter is stuck in the colon.

Combining the massage with other constipation remedies, as well as proper diet, should help to achieve the elimination or cure of constipation.

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