How to prevent oxidative stress

Diet and oxidative stress

Oxygen is essential for humans. To breathe, and for the production of energy, our body requires oxygen use. Particles known as free radicals are produced in our bodies use oxygen. Oxidative stress occurs when free radicals interact with the various cells of our body and essentially damage the cells. As a result the cell membrane, proteins and even cell genes are affected. Many diseases and even aging are associated with oxidative stress.

How to prevent oxidative stress


Our body uses antioxidants to combat oxidative stress and free radicals that can cause potential harm. Our genetic makeup affects the amount of antioxidants that our body can produce by itself. External factors also influence the consumption of natural antioxidants such as smoking, diet and pollution.


The amount of antioxidants and oxidative stress will depend in large part of our lifestyle. You will not produce a good amount of antioxidants if your diet is not right, so that oxidative stress will become more harmful. This makes you more susceptible to disease and other problems.

Another activity that makes you more susceptible to oxidative stress is the snuff. So I should stop smoking if you have not already done so. Today there are many drugs and can help you stop smoking. When you think of the number of years you can add to your life, quitting smoking is a worthwhile goal.

The diet is key

The body produces antioxidants that are not always enough to get rid of all the free radicals that are produced in our body. However, the food we eat, for example, more antioxidants at our disposal. To include more foods rich in antioxidants in your diet to increase the amount of antioxidants in your body and thus reduce the amount of oxidative stress. Some of these foods are tomatoes, carrots, tea and citrus, acai, goji, red grape, pomegranate, elderberry, mangosteen, noni, blueberry, raspberry, black cherry, blackberry, etc.. etc. .. But if you want to know more deeply the more antioxidant foods please read our article of food ORAC.

Supplements of antioxidants: a little help

Taking a daily multivitamin to combat oxidative stress is also a good idea. A complex with vitamins A, C, E and selenium may be the key to give the body the extra help in seeing that our food is not always the best, or the nutrients we need by overexploitation of the soil.


We may be able to protect us from many degenerative diseases such as cancer, increasing the amount of antioxidants in the body to help fight free radicals and oxidative-stress. Ourselves to the protection of a healthy diet, quitting smoking and keeping a healthy lifestyle can get to be "disease free" and have a longer life and of good quality.

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