Ignatia - Homeopatics Remedies

Ignatia - Homeopathy

Main indicadiones Ignatia

Escrofulosidad, general consequences and ailments caused by mercury. Headache, migraine (especially in hysterical women) and bolus histéricus clavus, pain in the face, convulsive motion of muscles loose of it, or moving the head back.
Nervous dyspepsia and stomach cramps.
Out of the rectum; roundworms in the same, itching in the anus.
Hysterical melancholy disposition, seizures, epilepsy, dance of St. Victor

Key features of Ignatia

Headache clenching in the region of the root, accompanied by nausea, and to decline when the head is lowered, it seems to split in two, pain as if it had a nail stuck in his head throbbing, tenebrante in center of the brain or forehead and it decreased with the lie, hammering pain, pressure on eyes, aversion to light convulsion of the muscles of the face convulsive yawning, pain in the neck as if from a plug of wood put inside but not swallow, hiccups, especially after eating and drinking, bouts of stomach pain, feeling of weakness and emptiness in the stomach region, aversion to milk and to snuff, if it was used to them periodic lower abdominal cramps, disposal clear and hard, requiring frequent but vain; the gut straight out to relieve the body, itching anus, scalding pain in anus after stool; stitches loose and deep into the rectum .

The patient is subject to terrors, arrangement discouraged, sad, silent and mourn provision alternating with sudden joy and humor, sudden weakness, fits of fainting, convulsions and cramps, shock, laughter and tears, convulsive movement of the members.

General indications of Ignatia

Great versatility of mind with strong preference to mourn; consequences of sadness, grief, care, horrors, disappointments, life situation and circumstances that do not meet: damage from excessive use of coffee, the ailments are particularly evident immediately after eating, at night after lying down or getting up in the morning, sometimes pass when lying on your back or on the painful areas, and in general the shifting of position, lack of thirst despite the heat and sweat.

Dose of Ignatia

As in the Chamomilla

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