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To understand the concept of disease as homotoxicology must understand what concept we have of the human organism.

According homotoxicology, the human body can be considered a "cybernetically controlled flow system". That is, toxic substances, both exogenous and endogenous, which are introduced into the system activates defense mechanisms, in order to restore balance to the disturbed flow. So to homotoxicology diseases are but manifestations of defense mechanisms.

This is very important to understand, since it is a completely different from conventional or allopathic medicine. According homotoxicology concept is associated with disease conditions or symptoms caused by toxic substances (internal or external), homotoxins, along with all the processes of our own body defense against these toxins (antitoxic defense), with a single purpose, try to restore health.

Therapy in homotoxicology. Classification of drugs

To understand how homotoxicological therapy, homeopathy and by extension, explain how medications work in medicine.

In classical and conventional medicine uses drugs whose effects can be:

  • Drugs antagonistic antipyretics, antihistamines, etc..
  • Drug substitution or contribution: gamma globulins, iron, etc..
  • Drug suppression: immunosuppressants, etc.
  • Drug compensation: antispasmodics, sedatives, etc..
  • Drug placebo effect (in double-blind trials). An estimated 33% rate of positive results in the placebo group).

However, homeopathic medicines and antihomotoxic homotoxicológicos or act according to the principles of activation, stimulation or regulation. That is, homeopathy and homotoxicology or therapy method uses a totally natural healing.

Classification of medicines (according Spitzy)


  • I Drug substitution or contribution
  • II Drug Suppression
  • Drugs III compensation (spasmolytic, sedative, etc..)
  •     Others
  • IV Drug activation ("principle of impulse")
  •   = Homeopathic medicines
  •   = Antihomotoxic
  • V Placebo: You can never replace I + II (? + IV?), But to III

Source: Biologische Medizin 1975; 4:395.

Objective biological therapy

Taking this as the basis of the target of therapy or homotoxicology antihomotoxic is stimulating healing capacity of the organism. The aim of homeopathic treatments is obtained and homotoxicológicos natural healing, whenever possible.

If cure is not possible, due to age, low vitality, etc. the patient, the involution homtoxicología attempt to obtain a pathological process improvement. In diseases with possibility of progressive death conservation is attempted health of time, stopping the progressive aggravation of the disease.

For both homotoxicology to biological medicine, not always using drugs activation (homeopathic) is the solution to the problem on their own. The real healing comes when antihomotoxic alongside the patient contributes to this process with their motivation and change in lifestyle habits (diet, full power), and also using other therapies antihomotóxicas as phytotherapy, along with therapy replacement or contribution, which may include nutritions supplements vitamin or mineral. In extreme cases, even allopathy and corrective surgery.

The acute and homotoxicology

One of the keys to understanding homotoxicological therapy is understanding the treatment of acute diseases or disease processes (pharyngitis, tonsillitis ... itis). Here is a complete difference with the interpretation of conventional medicine. According to natural medicine, homeopathic or antihomotoxic, the acute disease process is conceived as a state to value positively and, therefore, has been to support rather than suppress as does conventional medicine.

According Reckeweg and all natural medicine, an acute disease contributes to chronic disease prevention and regression of cellular alterations.

If symptomatic treatment is performed in the acute disease, as does conventional allopathic medicine, to suppress inflammation, only leads to the appearance of new symptoms, reaching not only to deposit homotoxins into the body, but the impregnation retóxica unfavorable cell.

So the therapy has to regulate first symptoms of acute disease with the intention of promoting a natural reaction the body has already generated, thereby achieving thorough removal of the causes and not just suppressing symptoms.


Concluding, homotoxicology is a holistic therapy that treats natural biological disease from its causes, not symptoms.

As with any type of biological therapy, medication, be it classical homeopathic or homotoxicological, is not always enough to get to the restoration of health, linking the patient in their health with an active participation in the change in their habits of life (diet, emotional state) is essential, since the drug homotoxicological just try to encourage and stimulate organic reaction that has already occurred. Do not forget, the imbalance has already occurred.

If we want the body does not have to be reacting again and again before homotoxins, and have to be treated with some form of treatment, this calls for Health Education.

That is, to a disease, the first thing we have to decide is what kind of treatment we want, whether biological, natural, homeopathic or allopathic conventional. But how wise is live as naturally as possible to not have to have to be taking this decision many times. Yes, we should be clear always the type of treatment or therapy you prefer in case of illness.

You see, in WikBio not only want to know the different types of therapies and concepts of health and illness, but we wish to give you the information necessary to avoid disease.

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