Introduction to fasting. Who should fast and why?

Who must fast?

If you have noticed, we have barely spoken in WikBio fasting until now because we understand that fasting is only for the privileged, those who are mentally special, different, individual capable of breaking barriers, social or family. We must be very sure what you gonna do when entering a therapeutic fasting, and one has to know very well health issues, such as healing crisis, to understand the benefits of fasting.

Introduction to Fasting

Fasting is defined as the voluntary withdrawal of food, in this case of solids, liquids such as water does it take.

To understand the importance of fasting we may say that fasting is a natural medicine that surgery or allopathic medicine convenicional. I think that this comparison does not do justice to fast, but can serve. Surgery, no doubt, is what most "cure" within allopathic medicine. Sometimes we are forced to go under the knife if you want to recover from an accident, genetic malformation, etc.. We "cure" in quotes because in reality, in most cases is the agency that actually cured (fracture healing, wound healing, etc..). Fasting also is in the best "cure" in Natural Medicine. It's like the surgeon's knife is an instrument in the hands of nature, or of living things that it allows better healing or self-healing. Fasting allows the body to get the strength to do their work of self-healing and is the pricipal through debugging.

It is true that food "cure" or that medicinal plants purify and nurture, or dietary supplements allow us to obtain chemical nutrients our bodies need, or that homeopathy awake enegías BLOCKED or rebalances the body, but can never reach or go to the best of fasting.

The consultation of Medicine in Elche where I collaborate and treat people seeking our help, not practiced fasting to the extent that we will explain in this series of articles on fasting, but when you change your eating habits by one more vegetarian, purifies the intestines, chemical feeds, etc.., etc., it's like fasting practiced "soft". This normalcy is restored without having to go through too strong healing crisis which sometimes occur during fasting.

In this series we will present soon we will analyze the fast in profound ways. Some of the issues and advancement and that they will link to an article on fasting root we call "Practical Guide to Fasting" learn:

  •     How the fasting
  •    Fasting causes our energy to focus on eliminating
  •     Acclaim should fast (are children, pregnant women, people with degenerative diseases?)
  •     Difference between fasting and starvation
  •     Contraindications of fasting
  •     Far can we go with the fast
  •     Which is the limit of days that can be fast
  •     Difference between fasting (with water or juice)
  •     Physical healing crisis during fasting
  •     Psychological healing crisis during fasting
  •     Body weight and fasting
  •     The basic rules of fasting
  •     Case studies and clinical people who have done fasting
  •     What kind of diseases are cured by fasting
  •     Etc., etc. ..

As you can see the subject is fascinating and certainly understand and to value the instrument can be one of the most important steps towards Health Education.

Why do we fast?

The main reason why fasting is the overload of toxins in our body. These are responsible for a number of diseases, as each body will manifest with different symptoms.

The organic toxemia may be exogenous or endogenous. The exogenous is produced by all the different pollutants around us, from pollution, snuff, drugs to the endless cleaning products with which we surround ourselves.

Moreover, the endogenous toxemia occurs inside our body for various reasons: toxic food, bad food combinations, low quality foods (junk food), poor water quality, the organic metabolism, poor organ function purifying (skin, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc.). Whatever the cause, refrain from taking food for a time (fasting) allow us to eliminate the accumulation of toxins that have accumulated in the body and restore health.

Remember that although fasting is one of the main remedies to recover the lost health and is a very simple (very simple) and not expensive, should not be considered a universal panacea to fasting arranging all kinds of diseases. In some cases irreversible, even the fast contraindications for some types of diseases (few cases) in which fasting has little to contribute.

On the other hand, if the person who practices regular fasting does not change the mode or habits of life, certain that the conditions or diseases reappear.

Although fasting is a wonderful natural environment that nature offers to remove health problems, one must understand very well what it is and have a mentality ready to carry it out. Do not forget that in nature the fast is the primary method of healing that use animals.

Who should practice fasting?

Many people speak ill of fasting, but is due to either ignorance or practice that improperly have not achieved the expected results. To practice the fast of the first one needs proper health education. The person must convince themselves of the benefits of implementing the principles of natural medicine to you. Once you get this, you can upload the next step in the conquest of Health: FASTING.

Those who are driven by how easy, quick, remove symptoms, it is better not even read these articles that will be devoted to fasting. I tell you beforehand, not worth it. Moreover, even those who practice natural medicine familial or under the supervision of a health care professional must be pre-prepared to understand the subject of fasting.

Recall that if a technique (such as fasting) is misunderstood or misapplied, it runs the risk of being destined to fail, and leave a vital technique of the most important to regain health.

To whet your appetite (what a contradiction) the subject of fasting, I would say that a family very close to my continued fasting for 42 days based on grape juice (under my supervision) with extraordinary effects. It was not definitive to fix the problem as it was a very chronic and degenerative case, but what can be achieved with the fast is not achieved in many cases with no chemical medicine, or natural.

The question is: Have you got enough education to health to start on the road fast?

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