Iridology: Acute State

Iridology: Acute State
Iridology: a description of the acute state
It is called acute or hyperactive tissue that works in excess. This state is the first link in the chain of pathological degree of the iris. Put another way would be what is called in homotoxicology state reaction inside the lids of disease.

It appears as light-colored signs, bright, clean, and are formed when the iris tissue is as swollen, raised by the other normal fibers of the iris. So the white color indicates an acute, catarrhal irritation or inflammation and is associated with warmth, redness, swelling, tenderness, pus, discharge and swelling. It represents an effort on the part of the body to eliminate toxins that disrupt the proper functioning organic. All of these symptoms or problems occur with hyperactivity of the tissues. Unless you are hypoactive and chronic by inheritance, the tissues always become acute before becoming chronic. This is the order in nature is seen to reach the tumor or degenerative condition. These cases of acute states report that the organs or tissues are working in excess of a supply, also in excess of nervous energy to achieve that by eliminating the natural channels has not been eliminated.

An acute condition, swollen, is a necessary first step in the healing process. That is, acute conditions, inflammatory, are a necessary first step in the process of healing. Understanding this is important, because if we want true healing processes need these kind of fever. Within homotoxicology is what is called progressive vicariación, ie converting a chronic phase in acute phase. However, this is where people fall into the temptation of these states abolished acute inflammation. People want to reduce or abort the fever, swelling and pain, so they turn to all sorts of medicines, remedies and "solutions" to obtain a degree of relief of their acute condition. But hey! the drugs do not cure, only suppress symptoms, it is nature that makes it. All measures suppressing acute states what they do is advance the state of deterioration of health to the state after chronic subacute, and finally destructive (vicariación progressive).

It is in the acute stage where more notice the symptoms and we are worse. Pain and discomfort are associated more with acute and chronic states. But while chronic conditions are less troublesome than the acute stages of the disease may be more destructive in the long term, and always have more difficulty healing.

Traditionally, the acute signs have been described as blue type, but understanding a cold from a general point of view. This may present as nasopharyngeal, lung, intestine, genital, or any other body, and is manifested by the presence of a hypersecretion of mucous glands swollen eliminator hyperfunction of the affected organs. The process of excretion of bluetongue disease is the mucus, also be understood in its broadest sense.

Explanation of photography

In this photo of a rainbow right to a 23 years we can observe different states in which the fibers are in the iris. This indicates that different bodies may be going through states or phases.

However, we can not say that a person is in a phase for only a few fibers of the iris to see more or less obscure. We should note that dominates all the fibers and make an assessment of the whole. In fact, this iris fibers predominate in the acute or subacute, especially in the crown of the autonomic nervous system mainly in its connection to the area of the face, kidneys, back, etc. and also see some darker areas (thyroid, genitals) designated bodies to which we must give careful attention to not cause problems in the future if not yet submitted the relevant symptoms.

So once again the Iridology is a wonderful tool that allows us to see strengths and weaknesses, biases and present situations. It indicates which bodies have to start caring and nutrients we need them to strengthen them, which bodies should not make an overuse or abuse them for their innate weakness.

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