Iridology. Chronic state

Iridology. Chronic state
Iridology: Description of chronic condition
In the third step of this chain are the chronic state. Homotoxicology is what is called impregnation state because we have crossed the so-called biological cut. The signs of this state are manifested in the iris by a progressive darkening of the signs and the presence of pigments or stains that are already toxic type. In this state appears already damaged the structure of the iris stroma widely. Gaps appear pigmented edges, and even a general darkening of the iris in relation to its base color or inherited. These signs appear as chronic excavated or buried in the iris to the pigment layer that lines the back of the iris.

All these signs are linked to chronic load increased toxemic sector or organ in which they are associated, indicating that the organ is unable to successfully remove the accumulated toxins, and even such toxins produced damage in the affected organ. In homotoxicology is said toxemic load located in the extracellular matrix we have moved to start damaging the cell membranes causing an alteration in cell function. In iridology, in this state the area of the digestive system is obscured recharging of toxins through the body and do not forget that poor diet is the source of the problems that appear later.

It is in this state where there is a clear hypoactivity vegetative. This state is associated with low temperature in the affected area, stiffness, poor circulation, lack of oxygen and nutrients, dull ache, or absence, loss of function, lack of pus discharge or swelling and very little, or none. Chronic diseases are more annoying than painful, but in any case are serious. They develop from inherited weaknesses or acute or subacute disease not treated the right way.

These diseases become more difficult to treat. A suppressive drug therapy, as does conventional medicine, can be lucrative for pharmaceutical companies, but it is never cured, is to try to control it and be condemned to take these drugs until they become the last state, where the patient has degenerative to settle accounts with himself. It is in this state where the surgery is usually the protagonist.

The best and only way possible cure is the application of our health sciences hydrotherapy, geoterpia, Trofoterapia, organic food, homeopathy, homotoxicology, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, etc., Etc. if you arrive on time and the agency has the vitality and resilience to return to produce a phase or acute phase reaction.

Explanation of photography

This iris can be seen a chronic condition. Not that time appears an area of weakness or a body with an inherited weakness, but rather the general condition of the iris reflects be too far from normal. The glandular digestive tract and is highly obscured with numerous loopholes closed. Sclerotic fibers are seen in the heart area and general dirt compared to the original color.

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