Iridology. Subacute phase

Iridology. Subacute phase
Iridology: Description of the state subacute
This was the second grade in the pathological changes. Taking it to the field of homotoxicology would phase deposition. It would be the product of worsening and persistence of acute signs, ie which has not successfully completed the acute process of elimination. This state is also observed for the color more than damage to the structure of the iris. Subacute signs are also lighter colored than normal fibers, however, have a more worn and lost their bright and clean tone that had the above. Some authors say it is as if he had spent a sandpaper on the iris, or sign, acquiring a matte and a bit dirty. In this state blue iris notes with ease, while the brown iris the difference between acute and subacute is more difficult.

This state occurs in the body when an acute catarrhal fails to perform properly the elimination of mucus, it is stored inside, causing the onset of chronic physical disorder. In this state alternate eliminative type demonstrations, usually never complete, and the onset of chronicity, with emphasis on disease symptoms, and periodicity of submission. In the same way as in the acute stage had an autonomic hijpertonía in the state is a hyperfunction subacute vegetative, but the body in question no longer responds to prolonged excessive stimulation and therefore, there is also a state of exhaustion organic hypofunction .

Again we note the similarity of the concepts of disease between homotoxicology and alternative medicine. Iridology has enabled us to understand these stages of the disease long before homotoxicology enter the medical field.

Explanation of photography

In this photo of a rainbow right to a 23 years we can observe different states in which the fibers are in the iris. This indicates that different bodies may be going through states or phases.

However, we can not say that a person is in a phase for only a few fibers of the iris to see more or less obscure. We should note that dominates all the fibers and make an assessment of the whole. In this iris fibers predominate in the acute or subacute, especially in the crown of the autonomic nervous system primarily. Subacute state fibers are located as shown in the time zone from 11 am until 3 o'clock, or brain area, face and throat; pointing to bodies to which we must care not to continue depositing toxic waste will eventually become chronic problems. The fact of the accumulation of deposits are beginning to appreciate the different colors that are acquiring these fibers compared to the average of the iris.

So again iridology is a wonderful tool that allows us to see strengths and weaknesses, biases and present situations. It indicates which bodies have to start caring and nutrients we need them to strengthen them, which bodies should not make an overuse or abuse them for their innate weakness.

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