Kalium Carbonicum

KALI CARBONICUM (Potassium Carbonate)
Work done by Dr. Michelle Moiz.

1 - () You can not bear to be touched, not even the slightest touch or contact, especially if they touch the feet and on all plants. He dislikes deeply startles him, causing him shudder.

2 - () Everything felt in the stomach, in the epigastrium: fear, anxiety, scares, shocks, bad news, sudden noises. And worse is hypersensitive to noise. Intolerance of human voice.

3 - () You Easily startled, from fright, by noise, the sleep (real shocks), sleeping, waking and when touched. It worries (on easily over trifles.

4 - () Other fears haunt him: to be golo by fear of death or afraid to die, especially when you are alone or at night in bed to disease; people, the ghosts of the future. Fears felt most acutely in bed at night or waking up at 3 a. m. He scares easily and is full of imaginary fears. Also fear the crowd, noise, to trinkets, people, work.

5 - () like company, is worse when alone.

6 - () Irritable the highest degree, with his family and his bread and butter (Kent) and even with itself, especially at night, on waking, after intercourse, after dinner, before menstruation. Cries for any pettiness or nonsense. Avoid contact with people, have an intolerance to the human voice. Never this quiet and happy. Sullen, suspicious, impatient,
moody, defiant, and sometimes it hits.

7 - () Talk asleep. This worse by hearing about others.

8 - () Crying: When has the disease, when reprimanded, with headache,
sleeping. He feels abandoned, discouraged easily. He complains, especially at 3 a. m.

9 - () Changeable mood: alternating sweetness and tranquility with passion and anger. It depresses the open, away.

10 - () mental trouble at work, in their occupations. Impetuous or, conversely, indolent, indifferent when in society.

11 Anxiety with fear in children, sleeping on awakening. Anxious concern.
The child wants to be carried.

12 Non-self confidence, is shy, especially at night.

13 Cries for hallucinations frightening, hostile figures he sees dead people, he imagines that he is sick; think your neck is too long. Feel the bed sinks.

14 Weak intellectual distraction. Too exhausted to piece together an answer. Dificuitad concentrating, worse from 6 to 10 p. m., unable to sustain mental effort. Misused words and syllables. Dull.
Confused. Bored. Sudden attack of unconsciousness. Forgetfulness. Mental symptoms caused by mental excesses.

15 - () The hours of aggravation or onset of his symptoms is perhaps the most typical form of Kali Carbonicum: at 2 a. m., at 3. a. m. and especially 2 to 4 a. m., generally at night or after midnight.

16 - () It is especially indicated in patients weakened, exhausted, anemic, always tired, muscle relaxation after intercourse worse, worse during menses, worse from mental exertion, worse from walking.
"For old with edema disease and paralysis ..., with a tendency to obesity" (Allen).

17 - () <cold. Chilly, "is always trembling" (Kent). Worse, on cooling, large cooling trend after a heated exercise, worse from uncovering, from cold dry, wet firo worse by dry weather and temperature changes. Neither heat tolerant. Better by warmth of bed. Lack of vital heat.

18 - () The pain is sharp, pointed, or sharp, stabbing,
causing sometimes cries are worse at rest, worse cold, worse from pressure, worse lying on painful side (opposite to the back and opposite Bryonia), worse from slight touch.

19 - () Aversion to open air, aggravated, aggravation and aversion to drafts.

20 - () Pulsation in the whole body to the tip of the fingers, worse during pregnancy. Heat Waves with palpitations.

21 - () worse at the beginning of menstruation, worse before and during.

22 - () Weakness of muscles, especially cardiac, weak pulse is a general feature. Spasmodic contraction in isolated areas.
Weakness as a point of losing consciousness while walking, attacks of weakness with nausea, feeling of warmth and looseness in the pit of the stomach with vertigo.

23 - () Propensity to accidents.

24 - () Disorders edematous and paralysis in the elderly. General feeling of emptiness in the whole body. Violent ebullition of blood, with throbbing in all arteries. Heaviness and indolence. Edema of affected parties.

Chills 25 immediately after the pains.

Worst 26 while eating and after eating, worse hunger, worse heated, lying, lying prone. Numbness of body parts, members lying down, worse on beginning to sleep. Worse from soup and coffee (T. F. Allen).

Tubercular diathesis 27.

28 Never use any potassium salt when a fever.

29 - () transpiration in diseased areas. Sweating while eating, for the least effort to move; profusely after midnight in the upper body. Absence of perspiration and an inability to do so, or too great a tendency to sweat at work or intellectual progress. Night sweats every night. Foul-smelling perspiration, worse from hot drinks. Fetid sweat of feet and consequences of its suppression. Viscid perspiration exhaustive.

30 Impact of acute illness, pregnancy, abortions, loss of vital fluids. "It should be used with caution in reumatisnio and gout, particularly if used in high dilutions, to avoid cardiac metastases" (Kent).

31 The action of Kali Carbonicum is acute, and especially chronic, slow,

Desire and aversion OF KALI CARBONICUM
Appetite. Sed. Intolerances.

32 - () like acids, sweets, sugar. Aversion to bread, black bread, meat. Lack of appetite, aversion to food. Intense thirst. Bulimia. The black bread he produces bloating.

33 Do not tolerate milk or hot meals. Want to eat when not hungry.

34 During meals: somnolence. After dinner: a throat heartburn. When hungry you feel anxious, nervous, nausea, cough, and palpitations, better after breakfast. After meals: drowsiness, facial pallor, chills, headache. Moodiness, nausea, heartburn, cramps, abdominal distention and flatulence.

35 - () Confusion and heaviness of head and you feel stupid, confused, as if drunk.
Dizziness that seems to come from stomach, vertigo when turning sharply, as if the bed sank. Vertigo as if ears were stopped, with opacity before eyes. Vertigo in the morning, evening and after meals. Vertigo with staggering.

36 - () frontal headache, pain in the frontal bone of skull. Pain traveling by car, by sneezing, coughing or in the morning. Unilateral headache with nausea and vomiting, unbearable at the slightest movement. Violent headache through the eyes. Pressing headache in occiput, especially during walking,
with irritability, or front with photophobia. Drawing pains in his head.
Lancinating pain in temporal and forehead, worse when bending and moving eyes, head and upper jaw, lifting his head and improved by warmth.
Congestion in the head, with throbbing and buzzing. Tremor, headache, and feeling of something moving (constant feeling of something loose in his head). Headache> pressing his forehead. Bruised feeling in head forcing leaning to one side, with vertigo. Headache at 9 a. m. Strong tendency to take cold in the head, especially when exposed to air currents, having warmed (headache or toothache). Headache worse by intercourse, eye strain, walking to cold. Worse in parietal or left temple. Worse on waking. Headache with yawns.

37 Tumors painful, draining scalp, more painful by pressure and movement and relieved by warm applications, with itching as if in bones, very dry hair. Sebaceous cysts.
Flaky scalp eruption. Fall and dryness of hair, into temporary especialniente, eyebrows and beards, with violent itching. The scalp sweats from scratching. Perspiration in the face of tomorrow. Spots large, yellowish, furfuraceous in front. Dark hair.

38 - () oedematous swelling of eyes and eyelids, with difficulty in opening.
Swelling in upper eyelids, like a bag between eyelids and eyebrows.
Swelling of the eyes, or around or under.

39 - () Falling hair of the eyebrows. Pressing pain and twitching in his eyes. Biting, stinging, burning and stinging in my eyes. Redness and swelling of eyes, with pain when read by candlelight. Grain eyebrows. Excoriation and suppuration in eye angles. Capillaries injected, red-eyed white.
Cold sensation in eyelids. Agglutination of eyelids, especially in the morning. Tearing. Propensity to stare. Flickering before the hearing and read or watch the outdoors. Rainbow colors, stains (blue or green) in front of your eyes. Brightness lived and painful to the eyes, on closing, extending deep into the brain, at night after bedtime. Photophobia.
ealor and stitches in her eyes. Eyes weakness after intercourse. Vision shaking, cloudy: the right eye worse after intercourse or measles; worse from eyestrain. He sees everything on.

40 - () stitches in the ears, often from the inside out. Inflammatory swelling of ears with discharge of yellow pus or liquid wax. Itchy ears.
Redness, heat and violent itching of external ear. Ulcers in the ears.
Headache and earache after cold drinks. Hot right ear,
left pale and cold. Suppuration and soreness behind ears. Inflammation and swelling of right parotid worse. Excessive acuteness of hearing, at night, at bedtime. Buzzing, crackling, tones, noise exhaust or singing.
Stitches. Cracks in his ears. Hearing loss.

41 - () Nose hard. Epistaxis in the morning to wash. Swelling of the nose, with heat and redness. Red nose covered with pimples. Ulceration in nose inside. Smell decreased. Coryza and nasal obstruction, often with yellow-green mucus secretion and constant shortness of breath. Fluent coryza (sneezing excessively, backache and headache), with bloody mucus secretion. Purulent mucus. Dry nose. Crusty nostrils, hurt. Nasal Obstruction in a warm room. Epistaxis every morning at 9 a. m. Dry coryza, with aphonia, mucus in the throat, feeling of obstruction in throat.

42 - () Facies milky color, swollen with edema between eyebrow and upper eyelid toward the inner corner of eye. Face Color: Yellow or pale or sickly, with sunken eyes, surrounded by a livid circle. Expression haggard, exhausted, lifeless.

43 - () Grand redness of face alternating with paleness: a hot cheek, another cold, purple, dark red during cough, otherwise pale. Drawing pain in face and facial bones. Heat Waves to face. Pustular eruption with swelling and redness of cheeks. Swelling between the eyebrows. Grain eyebrows. Warts on face. Freckles. Full lips and sore. Lips cracked and exfoliated. Cramping sensation in his lips.
Cramps in jaws. Swelling of the lower jaw and submandibular glands. Bleeding cracks on the lips.

44 - () Toothache, only to eat, or in the morning on waking, or anything cold or hot foods. Painful to touch something cold or hot. Toothache, with pain in bones of the face, and pulls,
jerking in bed at night. Lancinating pain in teeth, with swelling of cheeks. Sensacion digging, cutting, stabbing, as rotten, tooth (toothache alternating with stitches in her left breast). Fall of all teeth. Bad smell from the teeth. Gums swollen and ulcerated.

45 - () Bitter taste. Foul breath or alkaline. Breath of old cheese.
Sensation of dry mouth with hipersialorrea. Excoriation, with vesicles inside the mouth and tongue. Sore lingual frenulum. Gums separate from teeth. Pus drained out. Pyorrhea. Canker. Swelling of tongue painful small vesicles. Tongue white or gray. Painful pimple on the tip of the tongue.

46 acidic taste. Bad taste, such as upset stomach. Putrid taste sweetish or blood in the mouth.

47 - () Throat hurt, with lancinating pain on swallowing. Difficulty swallowing. Difficult swallowing caused by inertia of the esophageal muscles.
It sticks in the esophagus (food very slowly down the esophagus and small food particles enter the windpipe). Abundant accumulation of mucus in mouth and throat. Dysphagia, globus sensation with mucus in throat. Gurgling. Dryness in the back of your throat. Tingling and sore throat by taking cold, like a thorn in the throat, stitches to take cold, by uncovering the neck. Frequent desire to swallow, but could not be choked by swallowing, the food flows back, narrow esophagus.
Adenopatlas neck. Adherent mucus in throat, worse tomorrow.

48 - () gastric distension, as if about to burst. Wholeness, even for snacks. Belching improve it. Belching and acid regurgitation. Burning stomach rising, with spasmodic contraction. Sensation as if stomach were cut into pieces. Constant sensation of having his stomach full of water rolling on moving. Pressure, heaviness in postprandial stomach.
Sensation of lump in stomach from the size of a fist. Heartburn. Acidity before menses. Desire to eat often with a feeling of weakness (at 10 am) and upset by the least food: nervousness, anxiety. Abdominal distention, everything you eat is converted into gas.
Throbbing behind the stomach, in the navel. Upset stomach especially after soup or coffee with milk, poor digestion of black bread. Dyspepsia in the elderly. Worst ice water.

49 - () Nausea by emotions. Nausea with anxiety during pregnancy.
Nausea of such a degree that causes loss of consciousness, often for food and sight of food. Nausea by starvation. Nausea anxious, with predisposition to vomiting after eating or by emotion. Arches at dusk. Anxiety in stomach. Nausea while walking, you feel you must lie down and die. Nausea from motion. Vomiting of food and acid matter, lack of strength and feeling faint. Vomiting food night. Stomach cramps, renewed every time you eat or drink. Epigastrium relaxed touch. Vomiting on coughing.

50 - () Stitches, punzazos, in pit of stomach. Lancinating pain in epigastrium and hypochondria breathtaking. Spine pain while eating. The gastric pain radiating to the back, chest, members. Gastralgias bending, at 2 PM Gastric ulcer.

51 - () Pain in liver stooping. Dolores hepaticos plegrse oblige him. Chronic liver disorders. Hepatic pains extending to back. Burning pain in right upper quadrant. Swelling of liver abscesses.
Jaundice and dropsy. Pressure and stitches in loins. Pressing pain in abdomen
especially when stooping. Voltage across the abdomen. Great postprandial abdominal distension. Restlessness and heaviness of abdomen. Abdominal pain, and spasmodic aontractiles. Colicos reappear after every meal.
Colic-like pain of childbirth, often with back pain. Abdominal pain with coldness. Pain from hypochondrium towards abdomen should be a right turn before getting up. Pain in liver and umbilical area, on both sides and bottom of stomach, extending to bladder and testicles. Retention of flatus, with cramping. Cold in the womb as if it ran cold water through the intestines. Heat sensation after eating. Bellyache improves bending (here the chronic Colocynth), premenstrual. Pain at the iliac crest to the knee extended.
Pulsation in the stomach during fever. Inertia and cooling abdomen. The excessive emission of flatus or restricted, is preceded by pressing pain in the rectum. After hot meals (pasta or soup), stinging and discomfort in abdomen.

52 - () Constipation, often every 2 days. Constipation before and during menstruation. Constipation with sharp cramps an hour or two before, with inadequate stool, rectal inactivity. Constipation: stool in thick masses, very bulky, large scybalous motions that hamper the evacuation. Intestinal obstruction and rectal inactivity, lack of peristalsis; wishes evacuate unsuccessful. Need to wait 1 to 2 hours before evacuating.
Gray stools, frequent, pale, soft. Proctorragia to evacuate, hard stools. Hemorrhoids congestive great, burning, bleeding out, tolerate touch, worse after delivery. Protrusion of hemorrhoids and distraction during the evacuation, stabbing, burning, also during urination, after first removing blood and white mucus. Inflammation, puncture, hurt and tingling, as ascaris, in piles. Haemorrhoidal pustules, painful, bloody, stabbing pain. Hemorrhoids worse by coughing, better with a cold bath and on horseback. Stitches in the anus by coughing.
Pruritus ani.

Stool 53 goats. Diarrhea in the evening and night, with cutting and great fatigue. Discharge of mucus or blood during the evacuation. Painless diarrhea, with gurgling in abdomen. Download tapeworm and parasites. Anxiety before evacuating. Chronic diarrhea in dyspeptic. Diarrhea alone during the day.
Before stool: anxiety, anguish, white mucous discharge. After evacuation: stitches in the anus, as lacerated. Rectal prolapse.

54 Frequent urination with little urine Broadcast burning. The urine is discharged slowly. After urination, discharge of prostatic fluid. Urine pale green, turbid. Broadcast frequent urination, day and night, forcing him up. Involuntary discharge of urine when coughing,
sneezing, etc.. Incisive pains in the bladder, from right to left. Burning in urethra when urinating and after urination. Pressure on bladder long before urinating. Purulent urine sediment, red, viscous, urate, black, sparkling. Stitches in region of kidneys.

55 - () Tension, tearing and pulling the penis and glans. Pinching and beaten in pain as scrotum. Swelling of testes and spermatic cord. Increase or decrease excessive sexual desire. Aversion to coition. Lack of erection or too frequent and painful erections.
Pollutions, with voluptuous dreams. After Intercourse pollutions and general exhaustion and weakness of sight. Itching of the scrotum.

56 - () Aversion to coitus in women. During intercourse, pain and stinging,
as injured in vagina. Push constant feeling of vagina (bearing down). Burning pain and stitches in vulva. Erosion, itching and as genial and gnawed on internal parts. Late menarche. Menses early or very weak. Amenorrhea; "hara appear when Natrum Muriaticum menstruation, although it seems well indicated, failure" (Hahnemann). Menses acrid, excoriating, frequent, late or spaced, painful, scanty, pale, protracted, suppressed. Suppression of menses, with anasarca and ascites. Menstrual flow corrosive. During menstruation (flow monstrual acid) itchy rash and excoriation between thighs. Premenstrual uterine pain. Gastric symptoms, agitation and anxiety during sleep, during menses, also headache, cutting pain in abdomen, pain in back as a burden, or as if to break the spine. Stitches in ears, runny nose, itching all over, like labor pains.
Late Menstruation in young, with symptoms at chest. Before menstruation: eructation, swollen cheeks, pain, cramps, hives, increased sexual desire, itching of the vulva. Leucorrhoea yellow with itching and burning in the vulva (uterine cancer with low back pain extending to thigh and right knee). Sticking to the mass flow of milk.
During pregnancy: nausea (just walking) without vomiting, needing to lie down and die, with throbbing artery to the tip of the toes, feeling of emptiness in the whole body. Sacral pain in the butt to work abnormal childbirth and abortion. Download clots (2nd and 3rd. Month).
Wrongs. Pain in childbirth as the alter, ineffective, weak, with violent backache as if it would break the spine. Weakness after an abortion. Consequences of childbirth. Labor insufficient.
Violent headache, weak pulse. Chills after childbirth. Puerperal fever. Intense thirst. After birth bleeding, hemorrhoids,
peritonitis. Bleeding a week after birth. Cause the expulsion of the mole. False labor pains, sharp, cutting pains to lower back and buttocks. Pain through left lip spread throughout the abdomen and chest.

57 Hoarseness v roughness in throat, with violent sneezing. Aphonia (with violent sneezing). Choke. Sensation of obstruction in the larynx.
Laryngeal constriction to sleep. Tingling in the larynx; tickling.
Irritation of the larynx and trachea. Scraping, dryness, burning sensation.
Subacute laryngitis with mucus viscous, sticky.

58 - () Coughing up small amounts of phlegm, worse from 1 to 10 pm and 9 p.m.
until the morning, worse in dry weather, relieved by taking cold water, short, dry cough, dry cough with foreign body sensation in his throat. Cough moving the arms (playing the violin). Cough caused by tickling in the throat with expectoration in the morning. Night cough, worse from 3 to 4 PM Galambroide Cough with vomiting tendency. Stitches in throat and chest while coughing. Spasmodic cough, stifling, violent, with difficult expectoration and efforts to vomit, or sputum round, grayish flow through the mouth without effort. Whooping cough, and swelling between the eyebrow and upper eyelid.
Expectoration very difficult to start. Riding the pharynx occurs in the morning and after meals. Pertussis with lung inflammation, worse from 3 to 4 a. m. Cough worse when breathing deeply, as it cooled during the fever, irritation of the larynx or trachea; loose in the foot. Bronchitis, whole breast is tender. Racking cough does not improve anything, often as if a membrane were attached and can not loosen. Coughing up pus and blood. Cough worse when sitting, lying down in side lying. Improvement after breakfast. The expectoration is worse lying on painful side and must be swallowed; taste of cheese, copious, offensive. Cough with relaxation of uvula.

59 - () Dyspnea of effort, the slightest movement, aggravated asthma attacks 3 to 4 pm: forced to sit with his elbows on his knees. Diarrhea alternating with nocturnal asthma, dyspnea with fever, worse lying with his head down, better sitting upright. Wheezing, blue coloring of the arms during an asthma attack. Difficult breathing when walking fast.
Stitches in sternum and right chest to back, to speak or inspire. Airway obstruction wakes at night. Snoring in chest and breathing. Dyspnea worse by drinking. Dyspnea with irregular beats of the heart and violent. Tightness in chest, as hydrothorax. Chest pain talking. Cramps in the chest, especially when coughing. Sensation that the chest and heart were compressed. Inflammation of lungs (and liver) with stitches in chest (right side). Cold feeling in chest, feeling that the lungs are attached to the sides. Tropism by the base of the right lung. Hydrothorax; always cools; better in hot weather, suppuration and abscess of lungs. Incisive pain in chest. Pressure in the chest with suffocation and watery phlegm; esophageal strictures. Pneumonia: hepatised right lung, right side lying worse. Childhood pneumonia, after measles, many sounds on both sides, the better. Pleurisy; stitches in chest, left side with violent palpitation, and dry cough, worse 3 a.m.
Bronchitis in children. Chest pain during the chill in the evening, in deep breathing. Point in the autumn, during fever. Incipient pulmonary tuberculosis or purulent colitis (ulcers in the lungs) or nursing women. Axillary adenopathy. Small pimples on chest and back.

60 - () Heart palpitations (often with anxiety), especially in the morning on waking, with blood boiling. Frequent and violent palpitation, with anxiety. Palpitations Cuango hungry. Frequent intermittent beats. Arterial throbbing throughout the body.
Palpitations with burning heart region. Pulse weak, rapid, intermittent,
due to digestive disorders. Feel the beat to the fingertips. Rapid pulse, especially in the morning, less at night. Cramping pain in heart. Punctures of heart, to scapula. Sensation that the heart was squeezed by a band. Systolic murmur. Second heart sound strong by pulmonary plethora. Worse with deep breathing, coughing. Lying down on the right side, feeling that the heart is suspended by a thread. Mitral regurgitation. Boiling heat of blood in the abdomen and head. Threat of heart failure. Fatty degeneration of the heart, cardiac hypertrophy. Endocarditis and pericarditis.

61 - () Stiffness interscapular, dull pain, like hot water between the shoulder blades. Stiffness in the nape of the neck. Weakness of muscles of the neck. Shooting pains, extending to chest. The neck seems enlarged,
tight, tight. Swelling of cervical glands and neck. Axillary sweat.
Pain in loins, after a fall. Back pain: as beaten, at rest, at 3 am driving out of the bed during childbirth or abortion, premenstrual, better by pressure, when sitting upright, must sit leaning forward, swallowing, walking, "would lie in the street"
(Allen). Low back pain at 3 a.m. driving out of the bed and forces him to walk, extending to buttocks and thighs, buttocks and legs, especially lumbar stitches. Back as broken. Labor-like pains, spread gluteal muscles. Aching back, better by motion. Sacral pain in pregnancy buttocks and hips. Back pain from abdominal flatulent distension, with an urgent desire to evacuate, the morning in bed with bubbles accumulated feeling back, all of which goes to flatus. Lumbo-sacral pain up my knees. Coom back pain if pressure from both sides like labor pain and vaginal discharge. Stitches in kidney area and right scapula. Great weakness in his back. Sensation of paralysis, and stiff back. Sensation as if to bite the bones of the coccyx.

62 - () Swelling of shoulder pain. Node swelling and pain.
Cracking in shoulder joint, on moving or lifting arm. Pain as if beaten under the right shoulder, especially when moving or touching it. Stabbing pain in shoulder, left worse. Pressure on her shoulder. Tension, pulled in muscles and joints of shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Stiff with cold and numbness of arms, especially by cold or after violent exercise. Lack of energy in the arms and hands, especially in the morning in bed. Frequent starts in arms. Stiffness of the elbow joint. Paralytic pains in wrists. Hand tremor when writing. Cold hands and fingers. Skin rough and chapped hands. Clumsiness and numbness in tips of fingers. Stitches in the fingers. Burning pain in tip of finger. Vesicles crumbling in my fingers. Twitching fingers to sew. Pulls between thumb and forefinger. Arms and hands covered with purple blotches.
Itchy palms. Pulls acute (rheumatic pain), especially at night, in joints and bones of the hips, legs, feet and toes. Itching in the leg by touching the foot. Twitching in the limbs, lower limbs and legs at the time of sleep. Feet fall asleep after dinner. Pain in the limbs of 2 to 3 PM where FULLY SUPPORTS, throbbing pain, upper limb if you are lying down on them.
Rheumatic pain of the knee. The members go to sleep lying down.
Pulled in hips and knees, even when sitting. Thigh Paralysis.
Cramp in his right thigh and calf. Numbness, feeling of cramp in both hamstrings that stays all day, and appears to walk in the morning (Cooper by the loss of potassium). Pulls on the buttocks. Great weakness of right hip, feeling as if they were loose when walking. Difficulty climbing stairs knees. Dull pain in both sides of the knee when walking, extends leg. Frequent torn knees. Twitching of the muscles of buttocks and thighs. Lancinating and burning pain in legs and feet. Restlessness, leg discomfort in the evening. Clumsiness and leg numbness. Left knee pain, worse with exercise. The hip is rigid on waking. Left buttock pain, improvement in the heat.
Tingling warm quivering. Swelling of legs and feet. Swelling and redness of plants. Joint stiffness of the foot. Stitches in feet. Cold feet, even in bed at night. Burning pain and stitches (chilblains on fingers) in toe. Susceptible plants. Sciatica: Sciatica should be back on the healthy side of the bed to get up. White swelling of knee, paralysis in the elderly and edematous conditions. Thigh to knee pain. Foot calluses, painful to touch. Punctures in corns.
Feeling that one of the big toe is inserted into the meat. Tip of fingers very painful to walk. Twitching in the limbs, especially when touching the feet. Swelling: cyanotic hands and feet. Pain on the inner edge of the foot. Bromhidrosis feet. Profuse sweating in the feet and soles.
Restlessness in the lower limbs before falling asleep. Small shocks in legs, sleeping and when touched. One foot is swollen, swelling left foot to right. Painful sensitiveness of limbs in any position that fits.

63 - () Drowsiness, while eating. Sleepiness and yawning. Great sleepiness during the day and early evening. Insomnia after 2 a.m. or after from 10 to 2 PM Late sleep. During sleep: shaking, crying, talking and starts up with fear. Grinds teeth during sleep. He wakes up at 1 early.

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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