L-Theanine green tea and stress

The theanine is a unique amino acid found almost exclusively in green tea, which has very soothing properties, and MOJORES of stress, mood and concentration. Act quickly, its benefits being felt within 40 minutes and, unlike other products used in related problems, a substance is completely natural and safe, without side effects or interactions with drugs and not addictive.

In the leaves of green tea we can find 2 different ways of theanine: Teanna D-and L-theanine, with a different spatial composition of atoms. This affects their biological properties, with only the L-theanine as active in the body. This fact is very important when choosing a food supplement, since supplements derived from green tea provide D-theanine that reduces the effectiveness of the product. It is therefore important to ensure that 100% of the product that is taken is L-theanine.

Properties of L-Theanine:
The L-theanine crosses the blood-brain barrier, increasing the levels of GABA and dopamima, two neurotransmitters associated with the state of relaxation, tranquility and welfare in general. The gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA has a soothing and calming action and is very important to control the anxiety and distress, and that helps us be more calm and relaxed during our daily activities. For its part, dopamine better mood, helping to be in a better mood.

Co is not known exactly the mechanism, but also noted that increases the activity of alpha brain waves. These waves occur during the meditative state and relate to the perception of a state of relaxation but without causing sedation.

Therefore, the L-theanine does not affect mental abilities as with anxiolytic products that cause drowsiness or lethargy estdo (asociadoa wave generation O. Unlike the person is alert and, by lowering the level of tension mental and emotional, have been observed to enhance the ability of concentration and mental performance, helping to think clearly. We summarize its properties in the table below.