Left iris map. Laterality of the signs. Iridology

Left iris map. Laterality of the signs. Iridology

Left iris map. Laterality of the signs. Iridology

From the research that has been done through the years of the human iris iridology through draw conclusions that are truly amazing and show us the scientific reality of Iridology.

First, we note that the right iris reflects the right part of the body, while the left iris reflects the left. So right in the iris reflect the right kidney, right lung, liver and gall bladder (located on the right side of the body), the right ovary or testicle, etc., And the left iris reflect at Therefore, the left lung, left kidney, heart and spleen (located on the left side of the body, etc.).

This handedness of the signs and areas of the iris we note that despite seeing such a sign in a rainbow, and not another, does not mean we forget the unity of the organism and, therefore, will be treated as such, ie a holistic manner. Moreover, certain individuals are more and symbolic iris (iris more expressive) on one side than the other.

Moreover, studies of the iris we do through iridology, observe, with some exceptions, the anterior part of the body is reflected in the iris on the outside of this, which is reflected back inside iris, the upper body is reflected in the top of the iris and the lower part of the body is reflected in the bottom of the iris.

Looking at the map of the left iris look at the reality of the above. The map is presented based on that of Bernard Jensen shows the distribution of major organs distributed all over the map as reflected in the left iris.

Iridology. Front
As mentioned, the front of the body is reflected in the outer zone of the iris: ear, neck, shoulder, lungs, chest, breast, ribs, arm, hand, spleen, diaphragm, upper abdomen, ovary or testis, pelvis , peritoneum, groin and left leg. In this part of the iris would be located above the heart area of the zone corresponding to the autonomic nervous system.

Iridology. Paste post
The back of the body is reflected in the inside of the iris
forehead, temples, eye, upper jaw, nose, tongue, mouth, lower jaw, tonsils, larynx, pharynx, thyroid, vocal cords, trachea, esophagus, scapula, back or spine, bladder, uterus or prostate, vagina or penis, perineal adrenal and left kidney.

Moreover, the top of orgnismo is reflected in the iris at the top:
Marrow, center of balance, innate mentality, sensitivity, locomotion, vital center, area of the 5 senses of the word center, mental development.

On these areas there is still much to investigate as not all agree on the interpretation of what it means anything that teaches iris. As stated on another occasion, is what the iris shows us that what we know to interpret.

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