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Dark Field Microscopy - Courses

We are pleased to announce the presentation for medical professionals and interested persons the opportunity to acquire the course of blood in dark field microscopy on DVD.

Since the purchase of microscopes by therapists has been much more affordable since the middle of last century to the present, along with research and health from a biological point of view, the study of blood in vivo microscopy Dark field has gained ground among medical and alternative therapies.

Such biological study of health has achieved not only help therapists to better know their patients, but to give the latter the opportunity to become aware of changes better they can do to prevent illness or to return to a healthy state .

The course is presented that we fill a gap that exists in the field of medicine. Few courses are available in dark field microscopy blood in Spanish. Also, a lot of attention, if you want to purchase these few courses there has to shell out a substantial amount of money because they always accompanied the microscope, ie you buy, actually, a microscope and then give the course. It is logical that the question arises: what is the main focus of these courses: my training or my money? We care for your training.

This course is based on the research of Dr. Günther Enderlein, one of the leading researchers of the last century in these studies, but we also want to contribute our humble experience of over 13 years of practice and research staff. But we believe it would be wrong to limit ourselves only to the theory of Professor Enderlein, as this type of study has a broad field of applications and should be open to other interpretations biological (nutritional and orthomolecular), in fact some therapists only give this type of application.

We've uploaded a little video so you can appreciate both the quality of the videos and photographs of the course, although other items from category Microscopy can also check the quality better.

Course Structure darkfield blood microscopy

The course is structured as follows:

Theoretical Foundations

  • Basic knowledge of blood composition.
  • The theory of Professor Gunther Enderlein, which is essential to know to assess the live blood analysis dark field from the standpoint pleomorfista.
  • Operation darkfield microscope. In this section we explain how a dark-field microscope, adjusting parts (condenser, especially) and types of dark field microscopes on the market. If you have no experience ideally make practice sessions to become familiar with the technique and possible complications and contingencies (we give them the ability to have that practice). Of course, they can count on us for any inquiries about purchasing material.
  • Making a microscopic blood in vivo. What we should value and how.
  • Identification of blood components through more than 500 photographs. We place particular emphasis on this section as one of the most important.
  • In addition to photographs (excellent quality, most 2500 X 1700), we have identified many of them as lines, arrows, shapes, explanations, different blood cells and blood plasma components (cells, colloids, plates, etc. .) for easy understanding and identification. Each photograph was taken in "jpg" format with a resolution allowing a larger great comfort (not required). Each photo has a number and a file name. This name has keywords that allow you to search by categories from all pictures, so that we can filter according to our study criteria.
  • However, we have also made a PDF file that explains in detail photos. We selected the photographs for each section number and receives a corresponding explanation to know what we are seeing, when we can see, its meaning and association with various tables blood (healthy or pathological stream).
  • Section of videos (more than 140 videos - 2.7 GB - more than 2 hours of video). Once you're familiar with the theory and blood components through the pictures, we can go to see videos of live blood. These videos will allow us to identify the components of the blood as if we were we doing a blood test to a patient live with our microscope.
  • Practices

If what you want is personalized can receive individual training at our headquarters. In this case you can receive course information in a professional DVD explained by dark field and made all kinds of practices with dark field team oriented and professional guide that will teach you to handle it properly.

Please note that we are not interested in selling microscopes as do other organizations or therapists. We just want to make this biological technique. To purchase equipment to realize it can count on our free advice.

For more information (agenda, cost, etc.) Or if you are interested in the course on DVD or customized training can contact us at