Lose weight with Pure Green Coffee Extract

Pure Green Coffee Extract
For years people have reviewed dozens of so-called "slimming supplements" and so far have struggled to find one that had the credibility.

The house has designed a product Lamberts "Pure Green Coffee Extract," prepared for people following a weight loss diet calorie controlled.

Green coffee extract contains high levels of compounds called "chlorogenic acid" and in particular one called "5-cafeoilquínico acid". This product is decaffeinated Lamberts house, so that caffeine is not the active ingredients.

This product provides an extract made from unroasted coffee beans, because the usual process of amending the chemical profile roasted coffee beans, upsetting many of its sensitive compounds.

Help to lose weight by forcing the body to lose fat

* To lose weight inevitably need to consume fewer calories than the body uses for the body to burn fat make up the difference. So everything is done to reduce caloric intake or to increase fat burning rate (such as exercise) will help accelerate weight loss.
* A recent study compared the effect on weight loss normal coffee and coffee enriched with chlorogenic acid. The rich brew group lost significantly more weight than those in the group of regular coffee.
* Another study evaluated a pure green coffee extract showed that it significantly increased both the weight loss as the ratio of muscle mass and fat. This suggests that their mechanisms of action are mainly related to metabolism of glucose: inhibition of glucose in the small intestine and limiting the release of glucose into the circulation. It is believed that by limiting the amount of glucose available for energy, it forces the body to burn fat.
* Although the Green Coffee Extract Lamberts Pure is not a miracle product, by itself, will not cause weight loss, is believed to be a real help for those concerned about their weight. 2 tablets daily provide 400 mg of pure green coffee extract, the amount used in scientific studies of relevance.

Source: Lamberts.

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