Lycopodium - Homeopathics Remedies

Lycopodium - Homeopathy

Major indications for Lycopodium

  • Rash and excoriation of the skin especially, intertrigo, red spots, brown, crusty (especially in scrofulous children, edema, herpes, psoriasis, excoriated nipples, tumors and sores on the feet.
  • Foot sweat that causes sores or abrasions.
  • Edema of the feet. Varices (especially of women in film).
  • Chronic diseases of the stomach and digestion
  • Dyspepsia with dry burning throat and farts.
  • Laziness to evacuate, constipation belly, dropsy of the belly.

Key features of Lycopodium

Blistering, burning, moist and tender in isolated and in the folds and where there is friction, larger spots, red or even dark, cold and dripping wet pus, thick crusted, painful tumors, especially when touched, and causing great itching at night, the eyelids and nostrils stick, crusty or matter; facial rash that causes itching and great tendency to crusting, swelling of glands in the neck and jaw, swelling dry feet or scaly; sites that exude moisture and tumors in the feet, cold sweat or cool, this also when is the result of heavy sweating feet or wipe out and stop the sweat of the same, with swelling and tumors.

Taste mucous, bitter or sour taste in the mouth with loss of appetite at first bite is taken, aversion to meat and hot meals, coffee, smoking, tendency to eat sweet violent fits of hiccups after eating the patient feels too full, her face lit, burning, dry throat, weight in the stomach, flatulence, disposal clear, hard and lazy, itching anus, continuous desire to urinate, dark urine very sandy deposit and removal difficult.

Quiet melancholy, silent and sorrowful and wanting to mourn irritability, sensitivity and great mental distraction, hearing and smell exceedingly sensitive, pale and lack of vital heat prostration in all members feel more at rest, the patient sweats day and the slightest movement but your skin is dry, fresh and easy flaky venosidad preponderant daytime sleepiness could not sleep even if the patient is stay up late because of an abundance of thoughts.

Dose of Lycopodium

In almost all cases the doses are small and infrequent, whose effect is to aguardarse sometimes long (each 8-14 - 21 days 3 globules dissolved in much water).

Rigorously avoid the snuff, coffee, everything sour and acid, spices and what is flatulent and they should tidy and convenient muscle movement.

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