Main carbohydrate

The main carbohydrates: Sugars
Sugars with a class of carbohydrates of which there are five species:
Glucose is the way fuel is transported in the body, however, provides energy but not digested faster than other sugars. Glucose is converted to fructose in a process whereby energy is released in the body. The fructose that comes from grapes, other fruit and honey, can also obtain cane honey or molasses. Sucrose is a chemical combination of fructose and glucose that is made naturally in beet and sugar cane being also present in fruits and carrots. The lactose that is naturally found in human milk and cow milk and other milk-producing animals is not as sweet as sucrose.

Lactose is a combination of glucose and galactose, and finally, maltose derived from the malt produced from starch grains seedling.

The main carbohydrate: Starch

The starch forms a major part of carbohydrate content in our foods. It is the food stored in plant seeds until it is safe to sustain itself through photosynthesis. The green fruits contain starch that turns to sugar when the fruit ripens. Starch is composed of complex chains joined together by means of glucose units. The starch is indigestible unless cooked until the starch grains swell and burst. Another natural way of incorporating them into our diet is through to germinate, thus multiplying its nutritional value by chemical reactions that have occurred within the grain. Never forget that sprouted grains are foods of greater nutritional value.

Glycogen is similar to starch and animals serves the same purpose as the starch in plants, ie in this case fuel stored in the liver and muscles. Not found in most meats because it is converted into glucose after the death of the animal, but horse meat and oysters are holding him.

Other carbohydrates. CELLULOSE
Is how plants acquire rigidity and strength. Is fibrous and unpalatable to many animals with the exception of some insects, eg termites, because not possess the enzymes needed for digestion but it is very important in the diet because it allows a better intestinal transit of stool.

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