Mercurius - Homeopathics Remedies

Mercurius - Homeopathy

Major indications for Mercurius

  • Scabs on the head
  • Rash on face
  • Rheumatic pain of the head (on one side thereof, and especially at night).
  • Inflammation of the eyes and eyelids (especially scrofulous and syphilitic).
  • Inflammation and increased opacity of the cornea (also with swelling).
  • Earache. Ear organ swelling with abscess formation, flow through the ear.
  • Constipation (which can also be very tenacious in children).
  • Oceana.
  • Toothache.
  • Swelling of the cheeks.
  • Scurvy.
  • Canker sores, swollen tongue.
  • Flow of saliva. Swelling of the neck.
  • Catarrh of the pharynx. Bronchitis, hoarseness, and cough,
  • Catarrh of the stomach.
  • Jaundice.
  • Tenesmus, dysentery.
  • Tenesmus rectal prolapse.
  • Roundworms in the rectum
  • Catarrh of the urethra. Gonorrhea.
  • White discharge.
  • Itching of the skin, scabies, ringworm, herpes, rashes malignant grain, grains, lupus;
  • Tumors, diseases of glands, bone pain and swelling in the same, periostitis, gangrene, panarizos, scurvy, scrofula, rickets, syphilis, tuberculosis (especially accompanied by debilitating night sweats).

Key features of Mercury

Dry or watery rash itchy on the scalp of the head, the hair falls and glands in the neck and neck swell, pale, colorless, yellowish face with dirty yellow crusts are very itchy and exude a liquid stinking blood and cast easily if scratched, bladders and buttons on the chin, forehead and lips with swollen glands near them, headache as if it had burst, accompanied by dizziness, idem night: pain in a side of the head extending to the teeth, ear and neck throbbing and burning in the eyes, especially in the open air burning and swollen eyelids, watery eyes and aversion to light, swelling and crusting at the edges that distill much mucus and pus, the skin tissue is very red with swelling and vesicles on the cornea, which becomes more opaque and thick, causing aversion to light and cloudy sight.

Rheumatic pain, throbbing in the ear with swelling or color on the ear canal, pus drainage, and rash and behind the ear painful swelling of the salivary gland of the ear with ear ringing noise and drive, temporarily passing state ringing or swallowing, or excretion is coupled perhaps with liquid or matter; red inflammation of the nose with swelling of the cavity, constipation violent, watery, biting and ulcer. Ocena tenacious and stuffy nose.

Toothache that worsens after eating or food hot or cold at night and from warmth of bed; shootings in the carious teeth and rheumatic pain in the roots of the teeth healthy, with swollen cheeks, the teeth appear to be and wiggle loose and fall, gums swollen, blistered, fluffy and very sore when touched or when moving the mouth, subject to bleeding, swelling, sore tongue, gums and cheek, swelling in the mouth and tongue, material or abscesses with smelly saliva.

Throat pain on swallowing, with continued need for swallowing, swelling and inflammation around the palate with abscesses and soft tissue tumors of the same, with inability to swallow solid things, continued accumulation of mucus and saliva, which obligates swallowing or vomiting, taste putrid, salty or sweet in the mouth with tongue heavily coated, hoarse voice, burning and titillations in the pharynx, dry cough caused by moving a continuous flicker, especially at night in bed with loss of voice , labored breathing and perhaps also by mucus with blood-streaked sputum shortness of breath.

Disgust for all kinds of food, especially for those who are hot, nausea, feeling sick with sweet taste in the throat and stomach heaviness that seems to fall even after eating food easier flatus with sensitivity in the intestines ; stools and greenish mucous colic, bloody escoriadoras with continuing need for evacuation, abdominal pain, especially after evacuation, removal of blood and mucus without another stool, with prolapse of the rectum, itching and burning in anus; continuous and irresistible urination, dark red urine, smelly and soon becomes turbid, burning and smarting in the urethra, either during or after urination; flow thick yellowish mucus from the urethra, especially at night, with swelling the foreskin, frenulum and end of the skin, pus-like leucorrhoea with great burning and swelling of the clitoris and labia.

Dirty yellow skin, rough and dry, itchy skin violent throughout especially in the afternoon and evening, enhanced by the warmth of bed; rash as measles, pimples and vesicles that bleed easily, especially in the joints , itchy and burning after rascarlos, moist eruption, herpetic spots, pustules with matter, boils, pus, tumors, bone pain especially at night, blood stains bleeding of the nose and gums, swelling of glands and abscesses.

General symptoms characteristic of Mercurius

The aches and pains increase toward the evening and night, especially in the heat of the bed inclination to sweat heavily especially the head, without sweating bring relief to ailments, exhaustion, tiredness and pain in every bone; inflammations easily pass pus secretions and fluids with debilitating sweat at night and toward morning, particularly rheumatic pains in limbs and joints, and especially at night.

Dose of Mercurius

In many chronic diseases (especially skin rashes, pus formation, tumors, diseases of bones and glands) are sufficient doses of some globules or what fits on the tip of a knife dust each 1-2-3 or 4 days. When the pains are violent, the pushing, dysentery, and other states diphtheritis acute and life threatening, give doses more frequently, like every 3-2-1 or every half hour, as the violence and danger.

In preparation for the Mercury that more can be recommended is the Mercurius sol Hahnemann, must be preferred Mercurius cor (sublimed) in dysentery and diphtheritis. As for diet, should be governed according to the kind of ailment in question, bearing in mind that the effectiveness of Mercurius is above all the effects that could cause the food (apart from drugs) and that consequently no counteract fear or cancel those, but the same is at the same time a reason to limit its application only to cases that require it at all.

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