Mixed or biliary Constitution. Iridology

Mixed or biliary Constitution. Iridology
It is the constitution which is between the lymphatic and blood. It is easily confused with the blood because there is enough pigment in the fibers of the iris, but if you look carefully with a magnifying glass very well be observed fibers. Although for many it is a basic constitution include it because many of the irises of its kind to be seen. The main trends of the holders of these iris are problems of a liver, biliary and tendency to constipation.

This iris can be seen darkening of the intestinal tract (tendency to constipation with difficulty in the removal of intestinal toxins). Stresses the spot with an open gap in the liver area of this organ failure.

Beyond these basic constitutions, we are called to experience weakness in the iris tissue and iris margarita. In the iris of weakness in the connective tissue, being more common in blue iris, it usually has a lot of gaps with a density very poor among its fibers. For a person with little knowledge of iridology could dare to give a bad prognosis to the discovery of this type of iris. However, as the name implies, is usually a connective tissue weakness. This is sagging of the organs rich in this tissue, organ prolapse, weakness of ligaments and insufficient absorption of calcium in the body.

Moreover, the so-called iris daisy are characterized by the presence of numerous gaps that arise in the crown and iris are arranged as if they were petals of a daisy. These iris indicate a weakness of the intestinal wall, with or without intestinal diverticula. People with this type of iris often have great capacity of the digestive system (obese and eaters) and a tendency to slow digestion.

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