More than 100 tips for healthy eating

Tips for healthy eating

In WikBio've written a lot about what is healthy eating and how is the main base for the prevention of disease, as well as the main source of health recovery. However, in this article we will summarize all this with a series of tips written by way of notes short and direct.

Following these tips for healthy eating is key for many people recover their health with natural medicine.

It is true that we must make an effort to meet many of these tips, but well worth the effort HEALTH to allow us to continue our many daily activities.

Tips for healthy eating

  • Forget the processed and packaged foods. Throw away the can opener when I can. Eat your food as nature provides them.
  • Our food is the main source of energy, heat, building fabric, so look for the best quality food for a body of good quality.
  • If your pocket allows, eat organically grown foods. If you can, grow your own food.
  • Not only better quality foods, but adequate according to our needs.
  • The important thing is not only what we eat, but what we digest, so take care of your digestion.
  • No human being can make a food beyond that which God has created.
  • Keep your food contain additives, preservatives or adulterants far as you can.
  • Make sure your meals contain the minimum number of spices. To flavor food use herbs.
  • Food should be as comprehensive as possible. Stay away from refined foods or bleached. If you remove the husk rice, deprives him of vitamin B and silicon necessary for the nervous system and brain.
  • If you want a healthy and balanced food consumed in balanced proportions and with great variety.
  • What your main course at lunch is a large raw salad!
  • The more colors you have between the food on his plate right for you!
  • The more natural raw food will eat more healthy!

Every day, eat a good protein.

  • For non vegetarians, good protein is lean meat. But do not eat no meat or greasy pork.
  • Another good protein is fish. But the best is the one with fins and scales. Forget about the seafood, shellfish and fish very large in size.
  • Do not eat meat or fish more than two or three times a week.
  • Another good protein are eggs, but never fried or boiled. The best are poached, boiled or raw if preferred.
  • Another excellent source of protein are nuts. Almonds are the best.
  • When you eat raw nuts would be wise to go with a juicy apple.
  • Another source of protein are the raw seeds. Sesame seeds and sunflower are the best.
  • Another good source of protein are legumes. Lentils and kidney beans are the best to be more alkaline.

Every day, eat a good carbohydrate

  • The best carbohydrates or starches are rye, brown rice, millet and yellow corn, oats. Consume cooked (steam) in the form of cereal. These carbohydrates do not produce much mucus and phlegm and will not cause weight gain and.
  • Other good starches include potatoes, sweet potatoes and buckwheat.
  • The bananas baked or very mature is another good starch and barley, squash and corn bread.
  • Eat some bread. For patients the bread is prohibited.
  • The bread is always much better than white bread flour. This did not eat or being healthy.
  • Wheat increases in body fat, rye building muscle.
  • If you eat many foods whose base is the meal your body has been molded by this type of food, switch to natural foods and your body will conform to the good.
  • Many people prepare their meals around the bread. Do not do it!
  • Limit the amount of bread a day to one or two slices, or less.
  • Daily eat six raw vegetables, cooked or juiced

Every day eat at least two pieces of fruit

  • Avoid citrus fruits do not ripe. They can increase the activity of acid from the body and cause a high elimination that your body may not be controlled.
  • Citrus can cause pain in the joints of people with arthritic disorders or rheumatic problems.
  • Citrus can produce stomach irritation but are ripe.
  • Avoid iceberg lettuce. Eat more green lettuce leaf and long. It contains 80 times more chlorophyll than the last.
  • Take food with chlorophyll, the "blood of plants". All anemic persons in need.
  • Chlorophyll contains much iron and potassium. Potassium neutralizes the acids of the organism.
  • Your meals should be varied. Do not eat the same food every day.
  • Make sure your food does not resemble those of the cafes or fast food establishments.
  • The baked potatoes are better than chips. When eating potatoes Eat your shell has much potassium.
  • White sugar do not use. Instead use, syrup, brown sugar, molasses or honey.
  • Avoid sweeteners or artificial flavors you that their food. They contain no nutrients.
  • Why 80% of their food is alkaline.
  • What 20% of their food acids.
  • Coma 6 vegetables, fruits two, a protein and a carbohydrate per day.
  • If you like milk, goat's it.
  • Garlic, onions and lemons are a must in your diet.

Drink pure water untreated.

  • Never drink ice water or frozen drinks, especially before meals, then tighten the tissues of the stomach and allow gastric juices properly fulfill its function.
  • Avoid eating to drink water. The water tends to dilute the gastric juices. If you feel an urge to drink, drink. Get used to drink half hour before eating or one or two hours later.
  • Soft drinks are not needed in the diet.

The kitchen is an enemy of health. Cook least possible

  • Steam, baked or grilled. Do not fry foods. Much less eat cooked food better for you.
  • If you cook food using stainless steel utensils, clay or low use of fire.
  • Chew food thoroughly. Your digestion will be easier.
  • Eat slowly.
  • Eat plenty of time. And when you're eating, eat with a cheerful attitude positive. Do not eat watching the television news. Better yet, do not eat watching TV.
  • Do not eat desserts with food. As two week.
  • The best dessert is a good apple.
  • If you want to purge and cleanse your body after an excess remember, forms a fruit meal only once or twice a week.
  • Let your stomach rest. Once a month take just liquefied. If you want to lose weight, once a week.
  • The best snacks for children: dates with walnuts, almonds, apple, raisins, raw sunflower seeds and fruits.
  • Nuts always eat them raw.
  • Dried fruit can be taken with the sweet soy milk or oat
  • Prohibited frying oil. It is also best not to boil. Best always raw.
  • Take grated beets in the salad, I serve as a gentle laxative and help cleanse your liver.
  • Eat foods of the season.
  • To maintain good health it is necessary to always have a good blood count, therefore, eat foods rich in iron: blackberries, black berries, black cherries and green vegetables.
  • A good laxative in their food: ground flax seeds previously soaked in a cup of water. You can take them at breakfast or a cereal.
  • Foods already contain sodium, so do not overdo the salt. The best, Himalayan salt.
  • Soy milk powder is a good protein. You can use it as the basis for many healthy drinks (shakes, smoothies), breakfast, etc..
  • A good substitute for cow's milk are: almond milk, soy milk, oat milk and rice milk.
  • Do not forget that the shakes are an excellent complement to your health.
  • A good shake very healthy for children and adults: soy milk, a little avocado, maple syrup and a teaspoon of nut butter. Well blended.
  • To preserve food, the best method is freezing.
  • In an economic downturn the best foods are: nuts, seeds, seeds to germinate, black berries, honey, green vegetables and the following cereals: brown rice, rye, millet and corn. With these foods maintain health but not have much financially.
  • Do not eat too much, kill him silently.

Combine foods properly

  • Do not mix proteins and carbohydrates. Do not mix acids with hydrates. The best fruit alone. The vegetables with everything but the sweet.
  • Use sprouts in their diet. They are an extraordinary source of vitamins and proteins.
  • Get used to make juices or juices made for you.
  • The vegetables and vegetable smoothies are a great source of minerals.
  • The fruit smoothies are an excellent source of vitamins and easily assimilated sugars.
  • Take daily a juice or smoothie or fruit or vegetables alternately.
  • Do not mix in the fruit and vegetable smoothies. Unless apple and carrot (used for any juice), fruit and vegetables separate.
  • Start your day with a juicy fruit juice
  • Best not to mix fruit with sweet fruit acid.
  • Always take acid fruit first, the last sweet.
  • Melons or watermelons are best taken alone.

You have to stay with this diet so we can see the results. Do not think as a patient once told Dr. Bernard Jensen, "Doctor a few weeks ago I ate a salad and I have not been for nothing." Keep trying to eat healthy and see the results!

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