Myths and legends about fats and carbohydrates

Myths about fat
Fats have always had a bad reputation, because they always blamed the fattening, produce cholesterol, heart problems, etc..

This is not so, if the argument ends there. The good fats just protect us from heart problems, to have cholesterol, obesity problems.

In many cases, ignorance and thinking that all fats are bad, they stop eating the necessary and this is what leads to the imbalance in the body.

We have been evolutionarily from the need to eat this nutrient, essential and necessary to form good tissue, which are the basis of the formation of the cell membrane (all cells), to form many of the hormones that we have including sexual and that the capacity will not allow for resolution in situations of stress and disease, to form certain vitamins such as vitamin A and D.

This is just some examples of the importance of fats, lipids. But? Which we choose then? When in doubt, always away from hydrogenated fats (pastries, margarine, etc), and trans fat (again in pastry, warmed margarines, frying oils, crackers). Unsaturated fats, mono and polyunsaturated fats, are recommended. But even so, in the proper ratio between them. If outweigh the beneficial effect could be transformed into inflammatory pathologies and undesirable.

Myths about carbohydrates

Another enemy of the fat as they give them even more notorious are the carbohydrates. Hydrates are necessary for life, but not in the format in recent times has been consumed. Usually they are actually more responsible for obesity, fat storage and not dissolved, fatty liver, etc.. that the very fat, as they tend to think that the movie is bad fats and eat in exchange for not excluding all is changed by a higher intake of pasta, rice, flour,

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