Natural remedies for children with constipation

Constipation in Children

Children have constipation just like adults and perhaps more often, because they do not like to eat more fiber foods are: fruits and vegetables. Children with constipation can use the same natural remedies as adults, but in smaller amounts. The tips in this article are for children over 3 years.

Children should have a bowel movement every day. It would be better for them to have at least two if you have three meals a day. If your child has only three or fewer bowel movements per week is the time to worry and take action.

If after using home remedies for constipation child still has only three or fewer bowel movements per week, then it is time to take the child to the doctor. Chronic constipation may reflect a more serious illness, especially if your child is being fed foods that promote natural movement of the intestine.

Tips for children with constipation

Below is a list of things you can do for your child with constipation. In fact, these recommendations are also good for adults if you have constipation.

1. Drink more water. Children are very active and sudan more than an adult day with the loss of water. If the body needs water from the catch feces and they will become hard and difficult to expel.

2. Eat more fiber. Fruits and vegetables are the foods with more fiber. The use of artificial and laxative products is not a good idea. The body can become dependent on these products and the lining of the colon loses its intestinal sensitivity and tone.

3. Having a bowel movement when the time comes. Teach your children to go to the bathroom when the need arises. Many times it happens that when the small advised of the need to produce an evacuation, children are playing or doing something they like. Delaying this evacuation will gradually stop giving colon bowel signal after a while. This will lead to constipation.

4. Use natural foods that promote bowel movements. There are many fruits and vegetables that promote bowel movements. Use them as appetizers. If you use natural remedies bitter remind your child that is a medicine to help you go to the bathroom more often.

Mineral water

Have your child constipated drink more water during the day. Use mineral water. Reduce the use of soft drinks, tea, or sugary juices as these are not really water. Eating fruits and vegetables provide the body with pure water, which contain up to 70% water. Drink unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices provide water and promote bowel movements.

Eating fruits and vegetables

The best time to give your child fruits is at breakfast. From the moment you wake up until noon is when the body detoxifies more. Heavy foods like meat, milk, cereals and eggs hinder the detoxifying process. Fruits and their juices, accelerate the detoxification process and promote bowel movements, provided they do not eat protein and carbohydrates along with them. A good breakfast is just a big bowl of fruit. In addition you can also use a glass of juice.

The best thing to do is use seasonal fruits. For example, in the summer melon and watermelon use is excellent. Now in the autumn the grapes are wonderful. Use fruits like a snack between meals. However, do not give fruits after meals. Wait 2-3 hours after a meal before giving fruit to your child. This helps digestion and promotes bowel movements.

The vegetables should be eaten at each meal for lunch and dinner. Vegetables provide water, fiber, and a variety of minerals and vitamins needed for good digestion and colon function.

A salad should be one of the main meals of children. You can make it more attractive to your child by adding raisins or apple slices to it.

If you decide to give your child a supplement or natural remedy herbal remedies for constipation or other product, remember that you should only use one-third of the amount for an adult.

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