Natural treatments for abscesses with clay

Clay for abscesses

Abscess is defined as a localized collection of pus in a cavity noviformada organic.

Besides thinking about the drainage of the liver with the appropriate plants, clay is very useful in the case of abscesses.

You can take internal use liquid clay every morning on an empty stomach.

In the area affected by the abscess apply poultices of clay renewing every hour or so, as dries. The clay helps prevent pus through the route of infection.

You can apply poultices of clay until they feel twinges of pain. Then interrupted and replaced by a plaster cooked onion.

You can also toggle cabbage leaves with clay plasters. Boil whole cabbage leaves in a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and water for several hours, and applied.

When the abscess is ripe, ie, the pus is collected under the skin, clay applications are reduced during the day. At night, wet compresses are used (water-soaked burlap clay). We must keep the area moist for not closing the cavity.

When the boil or abscess is empty, you can continue to apply clay to the skin heals naturally.

Between plaster and plaster, wash the affected area with salt water (a pinch of salt per liter of water).

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