Negative calorie foods to lose weight

Negative calorie foods

It has always been said that burn calories after eating has always been a way to lose weight.

For many years the idea was to eat less, to reduce caloric intake and thus forcing the body to burn excess fat if lack you energy. While this contributes to weight loss, the problem with this traditional method is to treat after holding the weight.

Eat a low calorie diet for a long period of time can be difficult and most people recover lost weight when she returns to her normal diet. However, there are foods that speed up metabolism, so that things can be done differently.

First take a look a​t how our body uses calories.

Without calories the body could not function; It is the fuel that gives us energy for our daily lives. What many people do not understand is slow that, without adequate daily caloric intake the body really down their metabolism that enters the "starvation mode", hogging up the last bit of energy and storing it as fat. In fact at the end of the process, if no sufficient amount of calories, and the process is extended in time, the body begin to burn muscle tissue in order to provide the energy needs; i.e. consumed proteins and is anorexia.

The key to any weight loss or weight loss program is the increase in metabolism, keeping your calorie intake in the normal range. But how can you do this? The answer may well be in foodstuffs of negative calories that speed up metabolism.

Negative calorie foods

What is a negative calorie food? Superficially it seems as if there were foods that have negative calories. Unfortunately, or not, all the foods have at least some calories, but it is the way in which are digested and used by the body which will indicate if you are calorie are negative or not. The idea that lies behind these types of foods to create a calorie deficit is very simple.

Some foods require an energy consumption for your digestion than the cellular energy they bring to the agency once assimilated.

Here we give a quick example of what we are talking about. One day you will eat three chocolate brownies. Sounds good right? The total calories for the brownies is 275 calories, because the majority of sugar they contain. Your body spends 75 calories for having to digest the three delicious brownies, leaving a remnant of 200 extra calories stored as fat in any part of his body. As you can see the idea already is not so attractive.

Now say that you eat a grapefruit or grapefruit, known for their negative calorie food (remember all grapefruit diets that have appeared in recent years).

The grapefruit has 35 calories and your body will consume 90 calories digesting it and metabolize it. In fact, your body has had to lose 55 calories to digest and assimilate the grapefruit. This is quite simplified, but can be used to get an idea of what we want to say with negative calorie foods.

The question now is: why these foods work this way and accelerate the speed of your metabolism?

Fruits and vegetables constitute the majority of negative calorie foods. These types of foods have a lot of nutrients composed of vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates and fiber. It takes much more energy to extract the components of a healthy food than what is needed to digest the processed foods full of refined sugars. Digest foods with a high fiber content in particular, is one of the most intensive processes in calories that your body has to make when it comes to metabolize the foods that we eat.

Simply changing their eating habits and increasing the amount of healthy food to consume, while cut out processed and refined foods that predominate nowadays you can speed up the metabolism, lose weight or lose weight, and live a healthier life. So easy!

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