Neuralgia - Symptoms, Causes and Types

Symptoms of neuralgia

Neuralgia is defined as a painful irritation of a sensory nerve, whose origin is not a painful nerve anatomical alteration affected.

Nerve pain may be essential or primitive when the cause is unknown, and symptomatic or secondary when the cause if known.

Causes of neuralgia

Symptomatic neuralgia may be due to the following:

  • Neuralgia by local factors of thermal nature (freezing, cooling)
  • Neuralgia by factors of a mechanical nature (compression, stretching, compression, irritation of a nerve by external trauma, foreign body, tumor, aneurysm, displaced stump of a broken bone.
  • Neuralgia general morbid factors from infectious (syphilis, malaria, influenza, typhus, etc.).
  • Neuralgia by external factors of toxic (poisoning by alcohol, snuff, arsenic, lead, mercury, etc..).
  • Neuralgia of toxic by internal factors (intoxication by organic products turnover pathological altered uric acid, diabetes, obesity, etc..), Rheumatic (cooling, especially in the damp cold).

As predisposing causes of malnutrition are known neuralgia, neurasthenia, hysteria etc.

Symptoms of Neuralgia

Nerve pain arises suddenly, violently and often unbearable, and in fits lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes too often disappear suddenly.

Movements, efforts, local pressure and even a simple fit of coughing, a hiccup or yawn, are able to increase or provoke pain when you've calmed down.

Between access and access the patient's nerve is healthy or almost perfect health.

A special form of neuralgia is causalgia.

Types of Neuralgia

Nerve pain may be localized in many nerves:

  • Trigeminal neuralgia, one of the best known, is located on the face and is also known for prosopalgia.
  • Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve in the leg and is called sciatica.
  • Neuralgia of the nerves of the arm, which are located in this and called brachialgia
  • Neuralgia of the intercostal nerves, which are presented in the chest (pain presents belt, ie along the intercostal nerve pain).
  • Another special form of intercostal neuralgia neuralgia is the breast (breast pain) that occurs in women, especially during the nursing period, after a pathological condition or a local traumatic factor stretching of the intercostal nerves that innervate the breast region, by the action of breast milk to be very heavy.

Treatment of neuralgia

To treat neuralgia local heat applications are very beneficial.

If we can find the cause of neuralgia (infectious, toxic, etc.) Will try to eliminate the cause. So in the case of uric acid, diabetes or obesity should be corrected prior such disorders.

If poisoning have to limit the alcohol, remove the snuff, etc..
Sometimes if the cause is a tumor that compresses or a foreign body must resort to surgery, and so on.

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