Nitric acid - Homeopathic Remedies

Nitric acid - Homeopathy

Major indications for Nitric acid

  • Dizziness, cerebral congestion.
  • Gout or rheumatism of the head.
  • Putrefaction in the mouth.
  • Swelling of the neck, tumors in the neck.
  • Straining, cramping and bleeding (especially in the cases and typhoid states, rotting, and phthisical dyscrasia.
  • Tumors, diseases of bones and glands (in individuals scrofulous, rachitic, syphilitic and psicósicos.
  • Consequences and wasting caused by mercury.
  • Psychosis.

Features of Nitric acid

Congestion of blood to the head with the same excessive heat, dizziness when walking and sitting, making it necessary to lie especially in the morning, excessive sensitivity to noise in the head carriage and heavy footsteps, hammering on the head and shooting pain gravativo and bones of the head, black spots floating before the eye, double vision, noise in the ear, nose bleeding black blood.

Putrid stench of the mouth, excoriation of the tongue, gums and palate with excessive salivation; tumors in the palate and mouth, the teeth shake in the neck feels like burning and sores, and sites are red and swollen swollen.

Diarrheal feces, often with mucus or rotting, stinking and undigested blood or also in great need of continuous evacuation lumps in the anus that burst in blood, urine dark and smelly: short cough with expectoration of pus and black blood sweat night, stinking, sour or acres, weakness and general prostration with tremors and heaviness in the legs, especially in the morning, great decay, brownish red spots on the skin, it opens in many places and results in tumors that bleed ease; growths like warts on the skin, prick, easily hurt and throw the blood when rubbed or scraped, swollen glands and produce art, chilblains, old wounds, scars and calluses, and tumors that come from them easily throw blood and pain, bone pain and swollen.

General symptoms of Nitric acid

Flushing at every opportunity and congestion of blood movement, tendency to bleeding of all kinds, blood is usually thrown black, and also flows of tumors, wounds and warts, color brown, dark yellowish, especially at around eyes, reddish brown spots on skin discomforts and ailments nocturnal pains to change the time, willingness to constipated, some ailments find relief by going in a carriage, smelly urine that decomposes easily.

Dose of Nitric acid

In most cases be desirable in high dilutions infrequent doses, which require long time to produce their full effect, since the same kind of diseases which rely on such conditions makes it impossible Dyscrasic quick healing or even a easily visible improvement. Only in circumstances of extreme pain or acute may perhaps be preferred dilutions lower and more frequent doses. Diet as in Aconitum.

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