Normality and hereditary state. Iridology

Normality and hereditary state. Iridology
There is a normal iris changing color when no accompanying stromal structural sign of iris. So it is said that the fibers are normal when they have the basic color of the structure of the iris.

Iris would be perfect without any additional color to the baseline, with no sign iris that affects the structure of the iris and 1 had a density. This is uncontrolled on current civilization.

State hereditary
This status means that many children iris look as showing many signs Seasoned iridologists. There are closed gaps, weaknesses in the stroma, staining and even quite pronounced arcus quite marked. All this is evidence that this situation, which shows marked pathological tendencies, has been inherited by the parents. It is impossible for a child of six years, as I have observed, have an arc senile brain area well marked because the ma-life habit. This situation is clearly inherited from one parent or both as the arcus, usually begins to manifest in the rainbow by bad habits of life after 40 or 45 years. The child, however badly it has been fed, has not had enough time for your circulatory system has degenerated into such a situation.

At other times it can be seen as gaps are closed in some sections of the iris as indicating the individual is born with a clear weakness in the sector body that sets the iris.

This therefore makes us who we are cautious when analyzing the iris. Hence the utmost importance of making a holistic medical history of the person to know their backgrounds, among which we must include any diseases that have been subjected to the parents of the people they observe. In a percentage too high you'll notice that men inherit the characteristics of their mothers, while women inherit the characteristics of their parents.

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