Normalizing Tonic Lotion Hair

Normalizing Tonic Lotion Hair
The body produces a layer of grease on the scalp to remove when washing your hair, so the body must produce fat again. For this reason, frequent washing it requires too much work and can cause problems and irritation and unbalancing besides the natural rhythm of sebum production.

After each wash, scalp should produce the fat removed. If the next wash is done soon, before it has balanced body fat, strength to the scalp at a faster production thereof.
Normalizing Tonic Lotion will help us as it is balancing: if the hair has too much fat and remove it if it brings too dry moisture and vitality.

It is very important not to wash your hair just out of habit, but when you note greasy. Try using this line conditioner shampoo, suitable for such problems.

Composition: Extracts of plants rich in vitamin E and B.

Properties: Removes excess oil from the scalp by normalizing the natural rhythm of production. Your continued use promotes the emergence and rapid growth of hair.

Indications: Hair acids and the consequences of excess fat in the scalp, including: dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and hair loss.
Support the healing process
It is not necessary to wash the hair before or after application. Pour a few tablespoons of the Normalizing Tonic Lotion in a small bowl. Dip the tips of her fingers and make a gentle massage on the scalp.

The treatment can be followed daily or every other day, but at the beginning of the most frequently advised in order to accelerate results. We recommend a minimum of 3 months follow-up so that the results are definitive.
Excess fat
Appears due to too frequent washing. To limit this excess, apply the Normalizing Tonic Lotion 2 or more times a day, wait at least the time it takes to dry.
Normal hair fall
Appears once a year, in late summer or autumn. To arrest the fall and recover your hair, use the Normalizing Tonic Lotion 2 times a day. Over the coming two weeks will be results, thereafter with a daily application for 3 months will be enough.
Hair loss during and after pregnancy
Appears due to lack of zinc and take longer to resolve than the normal hair fall. Due to the high zinc content of this lotion, in about two months back to see new hair healthy and shiny.
If not corrected sebum production appear dandruff. To remove it, use the Normalizing Tonic Lotion 2 times a day for 3 months. Within a week (maximum three) removed this symptom.

During the first days of treatment shall see dandruff, as all the loose skin of the scalp must go.
Seborrheic Dermatitis
The redness and itching are signs of greater sensitivity of scalp and seriously need to continue shock treatment. It must apply the Normalizing Tonic Lotion whenever you feel itchy: may be about 5 times a day.

Remember, skin care is not just a matter of aesthetics, but of health.
Tonic Lotion Hair normalizing

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