Nutrition, better health science

Curing lines in the iris

Our clinical experience and that of the greatest naturopaths or educators in health sciences, leads us to the conclusion that the best therapy one can employ is the art and science of nutrition. Nutrition is the leading health science.

There are many alternative therapies available within the called alternative medicine or natural medicine: osteopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, geoterapia, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, etc, etc. All of them provide remedies and helps people who practice them, but turn them all receive a great additional aid through nutrition.

The conventional allopathic medicine, with its shameful disregard for nutritional science for centuries, is now starting to realize how much the right nutrition can make in the health field. No therapeutic discipline that is not enhanced by the addition of nutritional science. And indeed, no therapy can be truly effective without adequate nutrition.

In recent years, medical science has found and continues to find a clear connection between poor nutrition and disease. However, the true natural medicine has always been certain that almost all diseases are associated with a deficiency nutritional chemistry.

It is true that nutrition requires a change in lifestyle. Other therapies appear to be effective without having to make those changes that require adequate nutrition, but ultimately are only temporary remedies. It is impossible to be healthy on medication and eating junk food. A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine to be better accepted, and everything seems easier, but it was the many tablespoons sugar which necessitated the medicine in the first place! So we can conclude that all therapies are secondary when compared to nutrition.

Homeopathy and nutrition

Homeopathic medicines unlike chemical drugs, are highly refined and diluted, and contain no inorganic chemical preparations that are common in traditional medicines. If we make an analysis of the iris of patients who have a habit of taking both types of drugs we can see that the medications homeopathic leave no trace in the iris, while the medications chemicals have done so, and some still do. The reason is that homeopathic medicine works in the body to level vibrational energy. They have a power to act much more subtle. This is the reason that they have no undesirable side effects. However, if a person uses only homeopathic relief and healing will see their disorders but temporarily. Eventually reappear the same symptoms or related issues. If we truly want to achieve health homeopathy must be combined with nutritional therapies. Only then will get help nature restore us to health.

Well, the same way that we say this of homeopathy could be said of other alternative therapies. All can and are useful, but without nutritional therapy are lame, are incomplete.

How do we know that nutrition is as important to health?

First the results of the clinical experience. But there is another reason. We have already mentioned in our web Iridology allows us to track the evolution of a natural treatment. In iridology, the emergence of so-called healing lines in the iris are a way to evaluate the healing process. Healing lines are unmistakable mark that real healing is underway. Well, iridology and nutrition go hand in hand. Through iridology analysis we can see a return to health, a restoration of tissue integrity by using nutrition. No therapeutic regimen without the nutrition supplement can make healing lines appear in the iris. It's like therapy is used, homeopathy, osteopathy, phytotherapy, etc.. This is because unless we change our eating habits for the proper nutrition ever get new healthy tissue. We are what we eat, and that is indisputable.

Some have questioned iridologists calls "healing lines" because they say they have never seen in the iris of their patients. Well, those that question, have not seen them for the simple reason that they have implemented the science of proper nutrition as a treatment for their patients.

It's a shame that after so many years of effort and study of iridology as individual health analysis, still does not have the place it deserves in the field of medicine. Iridology should be taken seriously, in the same way that nutrition recently has begun to receive the estimate that rightfully deserves.

Do not forget that nutrition should include the care and feeding of our mind. This is the mental and spiritual nourishment, as important and necessary as physical nourishment. Our nutrition is what fuels our cells and produces observable histological changes in the iris. Nutrition is the science par excellence and is above all other sciences in the art of healing.

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