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For many nuts are only part of a snack that can be taken before dinner with a glass of wine, and much further from the natural, they seem tastier.

Unfortunately, most people take them fried, salted, roasted garlic or chile passed by powder ... which makes their flavor is very far from true. Moreover, due to this process are difficult to digest fat, and the way of cooking or preparation stimulate the appetite rather than satisfy it, which makes not stop eating it.

Because of this, the nuts do not have the best popularity. However, they are one of the most extraordinary food available to us for their high nutritional value when consumed in its natural state.

Properties of Nuts

Nuts are an excellent source of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Provide as many or more protein than meat, but they are much cheaper.

In the fresh state are very versatile and delicious, and are a good way to increase the protein content of our diet.

Nuts: peanuts

The peanut is one of the nuts with high nutritional value. Although the peanut is a legume (such as beans or peas) is often seen as a nut. Its high protein content has received much publicity and there is a huge industry around the peanut.

Peanuts are an excellent source of B vitamins, niacin, thiamin and pantothenic acid. It also contains some vitamin E and trace minerals like calcium, iron, sodium and potassium. They are rich in phosphorus, a mineral essential for healthy skin, teeth and bones. That makes peanut butter a healthy food not only for children but for everyone.

50% of peanuts are composed of fat, but in the form of linoleic and oleic acids that are unsaturated. This makes peanuts, still in their natural state (raw), an ideal food for the prevention of cholesterol, risk of atherosclerosis or heart attack.

Precautions peanuts

Always buy fresh, raw and unsalted, better with your skin red. Do not buy too much, not much chop or crush before eating, because its oil is rancid.

Nuts: almonds

Almonds are among the best that we can consume nuts. They are the dried fruit is known more alkaline and are valuable nutritional properties related to bone structure and to strengthen the tooth enamel.

Other nuts and seeds

In addition to the above must be considered nuts hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, coconut, etc..

Cashews are valuable but do not contain the same amount of protein than the others.

Chestnuts are comprised between 50 and 75% carbohydrate.

The seeds are, like nuts, another of the most nutritious foods available to us. The best known are the seeds of sunflower and pumpkin. If eaten raw, as it should have an excellent flavor and high nutritional value.

Among the best are the sesame seeds. These seeds contain many proteins, and can be added to dishes, making them more tasty, crunchy and nutritious.

For people who follow a raw food diet, seeds and nuts are the foundation of their diet. We know that fruits and vegetables can restore health, but not alone. Fruits and vegetables have no protein, and if you want to make a healthy diet based on raw fruits and vegetables your body needs a certain amount of protein and fat to the diet is really effective.

Healthy way to eat nuts

The nuts can be consumed in several ways. One is by including them in vegetable salads. A large and varied salad with a handful of nuts and forms an excellent lunch.

You can also eat between meals. In this case the ideal is consumed along with a moist fruit, ie apples and almonds, for example, in this way are more digestible. Of course, they can be part of the breakfasts, which include the juicy fruit and then the nuts along with some healthy drink (soybeans, oats, rice). They can also form part of a typical breakfast of muesli.

Another tip when eating nuts is not mix them together. That is, if your salad with pine nuts included, no need to take cashews. Also we must not consume a lot because they require a digestive free so they can digest and assimilate properly.

Another way to eat nuts is beating them with other foods when making a smoothie, for example fruit. In this way we obtain a kind of "milk" very nutritious. Some combinations that would be worth trying:

  • Orange juice with almonds and cashews
  • Apple juice with nuts
  • Grapefruit juice with Brazil nuts or walnuts
  • Pineapple juice with hazelnuts
  • Black currant juice with Brazil nuts
  • You can sweeten the drink with a little honey.

You can also add ground nuts to many vegetable juices like carrot and celery.

Nuts cream

Another way of using nuts is in cream form. This form is more digestible than when taken raw and naturally. If you have a grinder, one can make the cream in small amounts, according to you need them.

Creams peanuts, hazelnuts and peanuts are very tasty. All nut butters can serve salad dressing when combined with a little olive oil, water and some lemon juice.

As you noticed as we have mentioned in this article, the natural and raw nuts are a very nutritious food in a very simple and unrefined can and should be part of our healthy diet.
In addition, we noticed how easy it can and should be feeding into this world of rush and hectic. Consider the following example:

Example of healthy smoothie for a meal

Oat milk, apples, carrots, celery, pine nuts and a little honey.

With this shake you almost have covered their nutritional needs:

  • Consume carbohydrates from oat milk, apples, carrots, pine nuts and honey.
  • Eat proteins and some pine nuts oat milk.
  • Consume fat pine nuts.
  • Consume vitamins in apples, carrots, celery and pine nuts.
  • Minerals consumed mainly celery and pine nuts.

How easy is eating healthy, and complicate our lives in the kitchen!

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