Nux vomica - Homeopathic Remedies

Nux vomica - Homeopathy

Main indications of Nux vomica

  • Light-headedness, dizziness.
  • Headache.
  • Headache (especially after sleepless nights spent in white, mental effort, of excess in wine, coffee, in hysterical women and people who never leave the room or your room).
  • Pain in the face.
  • Toothache.
  • Catarrhal inflammation of the neck.
  • Chronic catarrh of the stomach
  • Stomach cramps (especially coffee aficionados)
  • Catarrh of stomach
  • Chronic nausea or vomiting (especially in pregnant women and drunken fans), delirium tremens, convulsive belching and hiccups.
  • Colic, gas pains and discomforts
  • Hernia pain, lifting and constipation.
  • Hard stomach, constipation (especially in pregnant women, and fans to always be in the room).
  • Hemorrhoidal pain. Piles.
  • Painful urination.
  • Pains and drop placement change in the matrix.
  • Cough, influence, malaria, influenza.
  • Asthma, heart palpitations (especially flatuosidades ailments after irritation in people suffering from nervous and gastralgias).
  • Intermittent fever (with gastric symptoms very well out of access).
  • Hysterical and hypochondria.
  • Seizures, Paralysis, Stroke.

Key features of Nux vomica

Heaviness in the head, head troubled that suggests or collect the thoughts, especially in the morning upon awakening, and who has not slept enough, dizziness and feeling of intoxication that increases after eating, moving forward and lowered and meditation, pain on one side of the head or as if it were carried a nail sunk in the skull, also accompanied by nausea and vomiting, headache with periodic flow of blood to the head, sensitivity uncomfortable sight, noise and shocks in the brain to each step taken, tenderness in the scalp of the head, especially when touched, rheumatic pains in the face, especially on the cheeks accompanied by swelling, convulsive movement of the muscles of the face, pain toothache that lasts until the top of the head, and caused by the outdoors, coffee wine increased by drinking cold water or something else, diminished by heat, the teeth move in their sockets.

Neck pain when swallowing, palate slightly red and swollen, as if the patient felt a plug in it. Unpleasant taste in the mouth, especially on rising and after eating, disgust for food to bread, coffee and smoking, after eating a multitude of ailments, mainly stomach feels as if swollen, prostration, groggy head , somnolence, hiccups, belching, nausea and vomiting of what has been eaten, or vain efforts to vomit, particularly on rising, fullness and pressure in the stomach, especially after eating, stomach pain, contraction, constipation and tearing), whether fasting or after eating and also sensitivity and excessive hardness of the stomach, a feeling of fullness and as if swollen or terminated hypochondrium and abdomen, while those dresses are just unbearable heaviness as a stone, especially in the upper stomach and after eating, stomach pain as if it had colic, and the lower abdomen as if it were caused by flatuosidades, flatulence with hernias output; vain effort and need to evacuate, evacuation takes difficult and often streaked with blood, chronic constipation belly aching and blind lumps in the veins of the anus; need to urinate with scanty, withholding of it.

Pain in the abdomen, as if something wanted to go down to the parties with a sore back and spine, making it difficult being right, the ride and get off with evacuation difficult menstruation or before the time or too abundant.

Catarrhal hoarseness with dry throat and rough, cough that increases movement and speech, and night and morning cough, broken up with a headache as if skull would burst, accompanied by pain in the belly shaking and chest, especially after lying down or lie down, cough as if they clasp the neck, throat tightness and chest, especially at night when the patient is lying, fits of suffocation with palpitations after midnight, seizures chest precipitated with blood circulation, anxiety and heat in the chest, particularly after a nerve irritation.

Cold and chill, but the body is remarkably cold, followed by great heat and sweat with moderate thirst, accompanied by violent headache, great prostration, weight in the stomach and nausea, even in the intervals of fever, laziness belly , flatuosidades and belly up; fever in the morning with little cold, but followed by great heat and thirst, pain in the spine at the entrance of cold shivers at the slightest movement, even if the patient is in bed and despite the heat and sweat.

Excessive irritability of the entire nervous system and sensitivity excessive impressionability of the senses with immediate prostration, heaviness and trembling of all members, especially early in the morning or after walking, aversion to movement and outdoor predisposition for trouble, for frightened or anxious, very tired in the head after mental work, especially bouts of dizziness in the morning, after lunch or afternoon in bed, numbness, seizures of certain muscles or entire limbs, numb limbs, deafness, paralysis of the legs or arms with cold feeling in them, poor balance, staggering of the legs and knees trembling and sudden weakness.

General symptoms of Nux vomica

The aches and pains increase almost always in the morning after waking, or after lunch and after work coffee or mental ailments caused by too much sitting and lack of movement and outdoors, where it is often are notably improved, ease of constipated and colds and ailments that come from colds, ailments from mental work, of disappointment and spirits, the use of coffee and snuff, waking up too early without being able to reconcile back to sleep , in bad humor and uncomfortable feeling of not having slept enough.

Fits especially fiery temperaments, ready, blood and angry, especially if accompanied by dryness or very slender body, dark complexion and the hair as a predisposition to hemorrhoids and lower abdominal plethora.

Dose of Nux vomica

In most cases small doses produce the best effect and low, and only in acute cases, constipation, belly, agree to more frequent doses and lower dilutions. Diet as in Chamomilla.

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