Organic self-healing and Your Responsibility

It is known that the Earth has an amazing capacity to heal. A wonderful example is for what happened in 1883 Krakatoa volcanic island of Indonesia. There was a huge eruption with a big explosion that was heard around 5000 kilometers. Emits nearly 21 cubic kilometers of volcanic material, and two-thirds of the island disappeared into the sea. After nine months, the only sign of life was a microscopic spider. But 125 years after the island is covered with lush tropical vegetation that is home to hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. There is no doubt that this recovery was partly due to the protection enjoyed by the island to be part of Ujung Kulon National Park.

No doubt the Earth was designed with this ability to self-curing of the potential injury to. Another example is the damage caused by forest fires. The regeneration of the ozone layer, and so on. If we give it time, the earth regenerates itself.

The self-healing in humans

What can we say about humans? Do we have the same capacity to heal? By using the term "self-healing" we're not talking about a psychological self-healing, or of extending special powers to cure us of our diseases as appears to be promoting certain groups. We are not talking of miracle cures or specific self-help techniques. We talked about the wonderful design of our organization and its ability to heal itself from illness.

According to Professor Gustav Dobos, senior adviser of Miners' Hospital of the German city of Essen "the human body can heal itself from 60 to 70% of all diseases." To this end, the body produces between 30 and 40 medicinal substances such as cortisone and some that prevent the formation of kidney stones. The researchers understand some of the processes operating in natural healing, but most are still unknown.

According to the magazine Vital, in these processes "takes place a complex interaction of hormones, and lymphocyte mRNA aggressors" involved as well, "emotions and mood. However, the same source states that stress and personal problems can "weaken the immune system for months.

Examples of self-healing
There are many examples we can cite self-healing. Who would not have made a cut on a finger? Doing absolutely nothing and closes the wound heals. It is the inner life energy. We only observe.

The fracture of a bone. It is true that we have to restore the fractured bone to correct alignment and inmovlizarlo, but who weld the fracture? Who produces the callus? It is the inner life energy. We only observe.

If you have an infection. The organism can cause fever to handle the situation and discarded with immune system activity those pathogenic microbes. It has been our life energy. We only observe.

A practical example of self-healing
30 years ago I took a blow of such magnitude in the left kidney area upon entering a car that gave me a cyst that I lived for 15 years. As soon as I touched or someone grab me by the area the pain appeared. Chemical medicine sent me a series of creams to undo the cyst that I had formed, but nothing worked. I simply forgot about it and learned to live with the cyst.

After three years of being vegetarian and starting an organic treatment system such as that recommended in SaludBio came the day when I suddenly rose a fever of 38.5 ° C. For two days not only taken away my appetite but the food was genuine disgust me. During those two days I suffered pain in the lumbar region and especially in the area left. The urine was dark brown and dense. All I did was rest and fasting. Two days later the fever disappeared and returned alone to normal.

After that, the shower, I noticed that the cyst had disappeared. I palpated the area and did not hurt or feel anything. He just had dissolved and disappeared.

The organic self-healing process
Our body is constantly repairing as you well know medical science. The damage and suffering attacks our cells is constantly repaired. The disease is not only a functional derangement whose purpose is to restore normalcy. But if we want to enhance this capacity to heal we must live by the rules. The self-healing takes time. We must learn to interpret the symptoms of our body and how to act to facilitate self-healing process. This requires health education.

If a baby has a fever, parents often worry quickly and ask the doctor any treatment for a fever. They think the fever is bad, you have to fight it. What a mistake! If there is any infection, we quickly solicit or prescribe antibiotics. Almost no one allows the body to take control of the situation. We believe that doctors know more about medicine than your body. We believe that our body is ignorant, useless, that breaks down like a car that needs to be taken to the workshop.

You are mistaken if they think so. Your body knows more about medicine that all doctors in the world together.
What wild animal needs to go to the vet? Only pets we have spoiled our eating habits. Wild animals will self cure.

Are you mentally prepared to let your body is the one who takes the reins? To do this you have to live by the rules. You have to understand that is health and disease. Need to know what are the laws of healing through food. You need to know which is the law of Hering and a healing crisis. You need to know how the disease develops as the Homotoxicology. You have to know what energy is vital. You must receive HEALTH EDUCATION.

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