Overall health is physical, mental and spiritual

Mental health

If we want a comprehensive health, total, not enough to have knowledge about food, diets, herbs or supplements, you need to find a balance between mental, physical and spiritual, that is, what shape a whole person.

If we care only diet or taking supplements, ie physical appearance we were "lame." No woman marries a man because then it digests the food you eat. No one would marry a woman because she has a healthy heart. What we seek, perhaps, is a heart of love emanating, a caring, loving man, a sweet woman who supports you in difficult times.

Just as what we seek in the people and the goal we set as we humans, for example, be people willing to give (generosity) and sharing. We like people who are able to forgive and forget. It is these qualities that make us say that a human being, the physical, mental and spiritual go together and must be balanced to goodness, we all want.

The role of the nervous system: emotions

We can not forget that our wonderful physical body is composed of an intricate web of fibers that form the nervous system. And you should know that the nervous system not only tells us when we burn by putting your hand where we should not, but a servant of the mind and spirit and reacts to the environment around us.

Is not suffer when we see on the news that offers television, a slaughter of children in a war? Is not it true that our body reacts favorably when we see something beautiful? Yes, our body reacts to beauty, fear, the pain of others, love, hatred, light, darkness, good food and junk food, with a good economic situation and to the financial debts.

However, we have a great advantage, we who can decide what we select for our environment around us unbalanced and not make us sick. When our body is molded to the best will become what we desire. Yes, we are created to enjoy life, to live in a paradise.

The spiritual life is also very important

It is more than studied and found that religious people, spiritual people are happier. Many great Naturopaths of the last century remind us that to HEALTH (in capital letters) must be able to look up and not stay only on Earth, it is necessary to fill our spirituality for answers to our questions and live a life of purpose.

However, this can also be an imbalance, an exaggeration. In the same way that a very intellectual person can fall into the trap of neglecting physical exercise at the expense of their health, so we find people who are considered "too spiritual" to wash dishes or scrub the floor. These people are out of balance, have not adapted to the reality of life. Is good (necessary) to be spiritual, but also need to set foot on earth. One goal of life is to know to take advantage of this source of spiritual light and then apply it to the mental and physical aspects of existence. This is called wisdom.

Health this is very important. If we are unable to handle problems of this life with true wisdom from above, many juices, organic foods, nutritional supplements or herbs you take will not achieve the goal of health.

Obligations to be healthy

Here we review some essential tips that Dr. Bernard Jensen gives us one of their books if we are to achieve health. The enunciate and explain.

Learn to accept any decision

Looking back is a mistake constantly. To achieve the health you have to look forward and accept the consequences of our decisions. The undecided have a hard time. In our view many people ask: do you operated or not, will I get chemotherapy or not? We understand that sometimes it is difficult to make a decision on health, but once you've explored all the possibilities, we evaluated the pros and cons of each decision, we must decide and fight for what we have decided with all our might.

Let the other commits his mistake and learn

Life is a journey of experiences. We must learn from our own experience and those of others. Examining results and consequences of the decisions of other health issues and learn. We do not want to be one that committed the error and others will learn from our mistakes.

Learn to forget and to forgive

A person who can not forgive and forget can never be happy. You can stay physically fit, for now, but his emotional system will come back around sooner rather than later.

Be thankful and bless the people

The person who is not content with what you have, who does not thank the many blessings we enjoy every day (even many) emotionally unbalanced. We have to bless others, wish them well, rejoice with them in their achievements, not to feel envious of what they have achieved and we do not. Envy, jealousy is rottenness to the bones.

Do not talk about their illnesses

Not worth it. Speaking of illness is negative, not unfruitful. It is true that sometimes you need to let off steam with a close relative, and it is good to, but always talking about their illnesses or those of others depress you, your immune system so bitter.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ideas and enthusiastic

Mental axioms are a great remedy to uplift the mind and keep the enthusiasm for life and one's emotional balance and integrity. We spend more time on positive things. We have to create positive thoughts and mental images for that to be constructive for the body. If we think negatively will form acids in the body.

Go to bed at sunset if you are already tired, fatigued and can not perform their work with energy and vigor

If you are sick, you should rest more. It is always better to live outside the city, in the field. Address their problems in the day, not take them to bed.

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