Phosphorus (Phosphorus)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Phosphorus
1 - () is an exceptionally patient who fears missing, which constitute one of its great features, among which stand out clearly the fear of disease and death, of being alone and storms (this restless, and worse mentally). The fear of death is manifested especially in the evening and night, especially in bed and gets worse when alone; have hunches and feelings of death.

He is afraid that something will happen; to darkness (and the worst in it), ghosts, imaginary things, that something can jump from every corner, to thieves, to lose the reason: the water, or when this sitting at the piano. Feel the fear out of the stomach, or felt in the stomach. Fear in the twilight.

It's full of anxiety, foreboding and often sad clairvoyance, as if about to die, have a craving to morning, evening or waking at night or on waking; being alone in the twilight, after dinner, for any emotion or excitement; about his illness and his health (he is a hypochondriac), for their future; during storms, during fever, lying on left side with fear periodically. Restlessness at night and when alone or by the storms. It's scary.
2 - () is a person with an affection of stark contrasts. On the one hand, is very affectionate, shows his affection with hugs and kisses or obvious signs of sympathy, given his affection and repays it seeks and it's very sentimental and soft, and cries, suffers, shared and compassion for the pain or suffering of others, but does not know, or even animals. But on the other hand, may present a heightened state of apathy, or indifference to everything, especially loved ones, their children and relationships, to display her body; worse during the chills and fever. You can reach the stupor.
3 - () has a great desire for companionship; this worsens worse or being alone and sometimes have the radio or TV turned on constantly for company.
4 - () I hardly think, understand concentrate, can not think too much and therefore has a real aversion to thinking. There is a state of confusion worse in the morning to get up, or waking or after eating or mental effort; this as in a dream; it better to wash your face or a cold bath. Bewildered; only understand the questions when they are repeated and / or refuses to answer, or think much before doing so, or answered too slowly, or disjointed, breaking away from the subject. The ideas will come very slowly, can not fix his attention long on the same topic. Incoherent speech and slow, and there is a general tone of slowness, both intellectually and physically, in their movements. There aversion to mental work (you can not take place) and physical (indolent). Undecided; taciturn.
There is often a real deficit of ideas that can reach states of oligophrenia (idiocy, imbecility), although, in contrast, there easos that there is an abundance of ideas, with marked mental clarity and quickness of perception. Low on memory; forgetful. Amused.
5 - () Sexuality in the mental sphere of Phosphorus is often a predominant feature and outstanding, ranging from persistent and often obsessive sexual thoughts and mental symptoms from sexual excesses, even obscenity, lewdness, obscene acts of self-accusations of those who was not guilty, and folly manifested especially exbibicionismos erotica or immodesty, he has no shame, he wants to be naked (but in his delirium) or display her body or do not care. Nymphomania, especially premenstrual.
6 - () tired or bored with life. Tristeza morning, at dusk or night, for cooling, in the dark, with fever. Crying, especially premenstrual, alternating with laughter. Shy; misanthrope; suspicious. Full of gloomy forebodings.
7 - () Phosphorus has an exquisite sensitivity, most often directed to the artistic. Great hypersensitivity to external stimuli and impressions or impressions or sensual to touch, above all, is hypersensitive to music, light, noise, the slightest sound. But it is very prominent their hypersensitivity to odors, and even faints for them, their smell is very acute (over during the headache), and still more the smell of flowers (faints or has vertigo) and strong odors, and naphtha brings dizziness. Hypersensitive children. Very acute senses, and sometimes diminished.
8 - () Disorders of emotional origin: from anger or rage with fright, anticipation, concerns, scares, from grief, being despised, sexual excesses.
9 - () Delirium: especially in febrile states: erotic, talkative, murmuring, grumbling, to sleep. Insania by mental overwork.
Pinching the bedding (Carphology), wringing her hands. Delirium tremens. Hallucinations: in bed turns to pick up the pieces in this divided and thinks that everything is changed, you see something crawling out of a corner, he hears voices and sees ghosts or dead people or faces peering from the corners.
10 - () Restlessness, moving continuously, can not sit or stand still for a moment. 0, by contrast, tends to be seated.
Excitation at night in bed.
11 - () Starts: easily, by fright, to sleep, sleeping and waking. Sleepwalking. Desire to be hypnotized.
12 Eager, irascible, violent. It irritated during intercourse and worse headaches. Dictatorial. Desire to kill. Stubborn. Fighter. Crito.
13 spasmodic laughter. Alterna laughs ruefully. Alegria, alternating with sadness. Talkative. How to be changing.
14 Unconscious or automatic behavior, worse during fever, in a warm room or after defecation, frequent fits.
15 - () The tendency to bleeding, frequent, abundant and repeated, stop and then reappear, sometimes in amenorrhoea vicarious, of any body opening (hemoptysis, epistaxis, hematemesis, melena, hematuria, menorrhagia, etc.).. A minor wound bleeds abundardemente.
Hemophilia. Petechiae. Hemorrhagic purpura. Ecchymosis. Blood-streaked mucus. Disorders of fluid lost. Anemia.
16 - () Laterality marked left, or cross (bottom left and top right).
17 - () intense feelings of emptiness or languor: the head, in the stomach (nausea) and not by eating, in the abdomen (worse after stool, with burning in the back between the shoulders), in thorax.
18 - () Feelings of warmth or burning: in plates along the spine between the shoulder blades; intense heat rising from the back, in the palms of the hands on chest and lungs in each organ or tissue in the body, usually in nervous system disorders. Sensation of heat by eating hot food. Heat waves that start up in the hands and face; worse from anger or emotions. BLOOD orgasms worse by emotions and night.
19 - () Aggravation (or onset of symptoms) from cold (except in head, stomach and hands), for weather changes; by heat before and during storms, wind, in a room full of people, in the dusk (or better); of morning, evening and before or after midnight, lying on the left side or back pain or, after breakfast, for hunger walk fast; after intercourse, for food and drink Hot, by touch, by pressure, sitting, for the movement and effort, physical or mental, by raising the arms, before sleeping, for playing piano by moisture. Better: by rubbing or massaging; after sleeping or waking, walking, for drinks or food cold, for magnetic passes, for the open air in the dark, lying on the right. Tendency to take cold.
20 - () is the classic type of individual or constitutions that Phosphorus is most often useful: tall people, thin, graceful, light-skinned or white, delicate eyelashes and long, red or blond hair, perceptions of fast, lively and very sensitive. In young people who grow very rapidly, with a tendency to stoop. In the elderly with morning diarrhea.
Tuberculosis chest high, slender, narrow. In tall women and brunettes that curve.
21 - () always tired, there is easily depleted by the least effort.
Weakness after intercourse, for loss of vital fluids, for diarrhea, for the least effort, during fever; sudden, for the sweating, sinking or sliding down in bed. Addison's disease.
22 - () Phosphorus is one of the most important to prescribe medications in the preoperative, one dose of Phosphorus 1000th day before the intervention produced a marked sedation and prevent excessive bleeding during surgery and after, and the effects of anesthesia general.
23 - () fatty degeneration: liver, kidney, heart, pancreas, etc..
Burning pain 24. Neuralgia caused by worries, mental effort, washing clothes, music, noises, strong odors.
25 - () In bone diseases: exostosis, caries or bone necrosis, osteomyelitis,
bone fragility, etc.. Sprains easy.
26 - () suddenness of onset of symptoms.
27 - () Fainting sudden, worst in a crowded room or strong odors or starvation. Epilepsy. Petit mal. Korea. Fibrillary twitching.
Pseudohipertroficas paralysis or myopathy.
28 - () Cancer. Polyps. Thinning; consumption. Tertiary syphilis.
29 - () Disorders of excessive ingestion of salt. Disorders from wet feet or a haircut.
30 - () I: salt and salty foods, food and beverages cold or frost, ice cream, spicy food, juicy and refreshing things, of wine and alcoholic beverages, especially CONAC and whiskey acid.
31 - () Aversion of Phosphorus: a drinks and hot meals, to sweet, milk, tea and coffee, bread, oysters and shellfish fish, to lard to beer.
32 - () Vertigo, worse in the morning on rising from bed or after, or in the middle of the day or in bed at night, visual strain, looking up or down, lying on left side of the perfume of flowers, for fluid loss, while sitting, or rising from a chair, while walking, with a staggering gait, after stool; in the elderly, with nausea, sometimes to fall, falls backwards by standing in the bed . Headaches worse tomorrow, for the movement, stooping, if not come at the usual time (with great hunger); by setbacks, by mental effort, in washers, for cough, for sneezing, hot drinks, in a warm room; before the storms. And relieved by eating, lying down, cold air or free, by cold applications, after sleeping, to get out of bed and walking outdoors, with nausea and vomiting, with throbbing in the head or violent orgasm in Blood head. Chronic congestion of the head, with sensation of heaviness and burning, worse from heat, mental exertion, in a warm room, washing with hot water and by motion, better from cold and cold compresses. Heat in the head, better outdoors. Pulsation in the head, but in occiput, with songs and burning, with nausea and vomiting of morning, worse music, chewing and in a warm room. Sensation of emptiness in the head, with cold, heaviness, fullness and pressure. Sensation of tight skin on the forehead, worse from temperature changes and while eating, better after. Encephalitis. Cerebral softening. Cerebral anemia. Cerebral hemorrhage. Itching of scalp, worse from scratching. Dandruff. Falling of hair in handfuls, but in the front of the head and ears. Alopecia areata. Sensation as if you cut off or pull the hair. Worse coat on the head.
Exotosis in the skull, cranial cavities of bones. Sn feeling tired head.
33 - () Pain in the eyes before sleeping, and reading better after, as if sand pressure. Sensation as if eyes were pressed out. Itching, heat and burning eyes, worse on the outside corner. Sore eyes and feeling of fullness; acute glaucoma. Conjunctiva red, yellow. Eye inflammations of all kinds. Tearing open air and worse when walking against the wind. Eyelids glued to the morning, difficulty in opening them. Eyelid edema; shaking. Styes repetition.
Eyes rigid. Miosis. Photophobia to natural or artificial light. Myopia. Looks better in the morning, at dusk or placing one hand over the eyes.
Sensation as if a veil thick gray or black and cover her eyes.
Falls. Go black things floating, fly ash; black veil in the right eye dark specks. Go green or a green halo around the light colored halo around the light. Go red objects appear broken.
Watch a sea of fire by closing his eyes. See lightning or flashes, especially in the dark, or sparks to sleep. Blurred vision, trembling, disturbed after intercourse, during the headaches and reading better in the twilight.
Visual illusions to sleep. Optic nerve atrophy. Hemorrhage retinal detachment. Cancer eye.
34 - () Earache. Pulsation in the ears, dryness, itching. Yellow secretion. Strong resonance of the sounds in the ears, or the words you speak or hear. Hearing loss: the elderly, for the human voice, better rubbing; by catarrh of the Eustachian tube. Buzzing, roaring or ringing in the ears, sometimes with vertigo.
35 - () nose red, swollen and painful to touch, worse in the back, bright and shiny, especially in the plant. Nasal Polyps bleed easily.
Dry scabs, green and hard inside the nose. Excoriation or ulceration in the nostrils. Fluttering or range of motion in the nostrils; in pneumonia. Freckles on the nose. Swelling of the nasal bones. Coryza (one side) with laryngitis and sore throat. Runny nose, yellowish or greenish, streaked with blood, pus. A foul odor from the nose. Frequent sneezing. Nasal obstruction, especially in the morning.
Anosmia or hyperosmia (see mental). Epistaxis of bright red blood, blowing; persistent in hemorrhagic purpura, when there is scanty menses, or amenorrhea in the (vicarious), with sweats, sometimes to defecate or evening.
36 - () pale, sallow, earthy, with dark circles and sunken eyes blue, or pale especially around the nose and mouth, the color of the face is changing, alternating with pale red, blushes easily, redness, heat in the cheeks, red patches or circumscribed, anemic, ashen, cyanotic during pregnancy yellow. Puffy face, especially around the eyes. Freckles on the face. Twitching facial muscles. Pain on one side of the face to open your mouth, or to talk or if you touch, pain in the facial bones in the evening or at night in bed. Lips blue or black, dry, parched, chapped, lynched, crusty brown, cracked, crack in the middle of lower lip. Sores in the corners of lips. Necrosis of the mandible, or its left half, with swelling of the bone. Adenopatia gland.
37 Toothache for washing clothes, having long hands in cold water, hot food, outdoors, morning and evening or at night in bed with sialorrhea, better, rubbing his cheek. Caries. Teeth feel loose, or squeaks. Gums swollen, separated from the teeth or retracted and bleed easily, or profusely after an extraction, or when touched.
38 - () Boca with excoriation, bleeding easily. Bitter taste; acid after milk, cheese, salty, sour or sweet after dinner, or lack of taste. Sialorrhea watery, salty or sweet, or too dry mouth. Bloody saliva. Pustules on the palate. Palate wrinkled. Language: swollen, dry, blackish brown, black, but in the middle, brown, red and dry, but in the middle, white, yellow. The tongue moves with difficulty articulating the words with difficulty or stutters.
39 - () Pain in throat when sneezing, burning throat and esophagus.
Spasmodic stricture of the esophagus, can not swallow by constriction of the esophagus or cardia. Very swollen tonsils and uvula.
40 - () The stomach is one of the sites of action of Phospborus maxima. Violent thirst, insatiable increasingly large quantities of cold drinks or ice, which are vomited negligible heat in the stomach. Hunger at night, during fever, with headache. Devouring appetite ravenous hunger worse at night or right after having finished eating, you should eat often, because otherwise it collapses, with thinning. Gurgling in stomach after drinking. Belching and, above all, spitting water, food or bile puffs, after dinner and night. Heartburn.
Nausea by putting hands in warm water or hot drinks in a warm room, better drinking ice water. Vomiting at all times: from tomorrow night, after dinner, post-operative, with diarrhea simultaneously.
Bilious vomiting, bitter, black, like coffee grounds, red blood (more after exertion); food acid; yellow. Vomiting after drinking, even the smallest amount. Epigasfrica The region is sensitive to touch. Violent burning or spasmodic gastralgias worse by hot food, better or worse after eating, better by cold drinks and food and ice cream or ice. Gastric or duodenal ulcer. Stomach cancer. Intense feeling of emptiness in the stomach, which extends across the abdomen, worse at 11 hours, not by eating. Cold feeling in stomach; heat; of fullness. During pregnancy, you can not drink water, give sight nausea, you must close your eyes when bathing.
41 - () Feeling of emptiness or laziness or weakness in the whole abdominal cavity, especially when accompanied by heat between the shoulder blades.
Sense of relaxation, as if hanging something on the belly. That lower stomach gurgling. Pains in the liver to the pressure or lying on the side Bereche or palpated, painful throbbing in the right upper quadrant.
Hypertrophy and induration hepatica; atrophy and liver cirrhosis. Fatty degeneration of the liver. Acute and chronic hepatitis. Jaundice. Belly distended, tympanic, hard, painful, better by friction. Hypertrophy of the spleen. Colicos diarrhea followed by urgency. Ileocecal pain, appendicitis, peritonitis. Pain in the belly, and shaking worse by movement. External sensation of cold, heat and burning in his belly.
Intussusception. Flaccidity of the walls of the belly inguinal hernia. Large yellow or brown spots on belly. Incarcerated flatus, with rumbling flatulent colic, which is not relieved by emission of flatus. Inguinal nodes swollen and oozing.
42 - () Constipation with faecal matter is characteristic long, thin, hard and very dry, whitish and evacuated with great efforts, such as a dog. Inactivity of rectum. Alternating constipation and diarrhea in old people.
Diarrhea chronic (or acute), very abundant, watery, as if out water from a tap, accompanied by the characteristic feeling of emptiness in the stomach, foul or odorless, painless, but very debilitating, especially in the morning, driving out of bed or wakes you with great urgency at 5, for the slightest transgression to the regime, during pregnancy, better by cold drinks and meals. Stools may be hemorrhagic, with undigested food, watery, oily and white particles like grains of tapioca, or greenish, grayish white or black, as if they have scratches or intestinal mucosa.
Dysentery. It is one of the most important drugs for ulcerative colitis, which often seems to be setting in people with the characteristics of Phosphorus. Lost feces or involuntarily to move after a fright or sleeping, the anus remains completely open or only has the sensation. It has an urge to move your bowels apeinas lying on the left side. While anal bleeding bowel movements. Tenesmus after stool. Protruding hemorrhoids bleed easily (up to flatus), excoriating pain when sitting or lying down. Chronic hemorrhoids. Anal fissure and fistula. Rectal polyps. Taeniasis, ascariasis.
Stitches in rectum when no bowel movements. Pruritus ani. Violent anal pain relieved by local heat.
43 - () Lipoid nephrosis. Burning when urinating, and in the urethra when not urinating.
Albuminuria and hematuria with severe kidney pains. Bloody urine, after sexual excesses. Cloudy, with sweats, as if mixed with chalk. Iridescent cuticle is formed on the surface. Milky urine.
Sediment cheesy, white, yellow, red brick with gravel.
Copious urination and watery; glucosuria, diabetes.

44 - () Increased sexual desire, excessive, violent, coming to assume the characteristics of a true sexual mania; satyriasis, with a constant overwhelming desire to perform intercourse. Facil sexual excitability. Erections are intense at night and morning, strong, violent and even painful. Incomplete erections during intercourse or absent. Impotence due to excessive excitation or masturbation. Cumshot weak or too fast, early.
Nocturnal emissions. Pain in the testicles and thickening of the spermatic cord. Hydrocele.
45 - () or violent sexual desire increased in women. Nymphomania.
Aversion to coition. Menses early, scanty or copious, blood, bright red, long, preceded by flow, with palpitations worse in the evening and constricting pains in the back and groin, made out to the inside of the thighs. Amenorrhea vicarious hemorrhages (epistaxis or hemoptysis). Stitches in the vagina up.
Vulvar edema. Metrorrhagia as periods during pregnancy.
Rolo metrorrhagia brilliant color, copious, in spurts, gurgling, intermittent between periods, for fibroids, in nurses, with great weakness. Fibroids. Uterine cancer. Polyps. Sterility from excessive pleasure or heavy menstrual periods. Corrosive flux. Hard and painful nodules in the breasts. Inflammation of the sinuses erysipelas with burning pains. Punctures burning in the breasts, nipples or below.
Hot nipples sore or excoriated. Breast abscesses, fistulas bluish. Papular eruption on her breasts.
46 - () The respiratory system is another point of great action of Phosphorus. Laryngeal constriction. Laryngeal irritation, worse from cold air and speaking. Laryngeal pain worse by pressure, touching or talking.
Tickling in larynx outdoors. Sensation of something velvety, fluffy, like cotton, in the larynx. Acute or chronic laryngitis. Pseudo croup or croup and diphtheria. Hoarseness worse in the evening and first part of the night or morning, and during coryza, with burning pains that prevent speech. Laryngeal spasms and pain when you try to talk suffocation. Cough that shakes the whole body, worse walking in cold air, or outdoors, or going from hot to cold and cold; by irritation or tingling in the chest, larynx or trachea; worse by laughing, talking, reading, drinking , eating and strong odors. Dry cough, worse at night, during fever or lying on the left side, the cough is irritating and exhausting, painful, and relieved by sleep, lying on the right side and cold drinks. Cough with considerable oppression, with sensation of constriction and burning pains in the chest on the bed should setaarse to expectorate. Repeated hemoptysis. Expectoration greenish or blood-streaked mucosanguinolenta; puruleiita, white or yellowish transparent adherent rusty scanty; of taste sour, salty or sweet. Anxiety in chest, worse from excitement or emotion.
Shortness of breath or asthma with cough, worse after eating, lying on the left side or walk fast. Wheezing, noisy; stridulus at night to sleep; surface (thorax motionless). Constriction in the chest, as from a band or bandage, worse when coughing, coughing in the sternum. Chest tightness after walking. Acute chest pain worse by coughing, by pressure, lying on the left and when he stood up in bed, better by heat, and lying on the right side. Dolores intercostal or in the lungs, especially in the left lower lobe. Stitches in the left side, better lying on right side. IADO hepatization right lung, worse lying on left side. Acute and chronic bronchitis. Pulmonary congestion. Lung abscess. It is one of the most prominent drugs in pneumonia (mostly right) and pulmonary tuberculosis. Heat in the chest, which rises. Yellow spots on the chest.
47 - () Precordial anxiety with nausea and hunger, better eating. Heat, pressure and chest heaviness. Angina pectoris. Heart murmurs. Palpitations of morning and evening, with anxiety worse after emotions or excitement of any kind, climbing stairs, during intercourse, lying on the left side, by the slightest movement (especially the left arm), to get out of bed or a chair and when he awoke, lying down on the right. Pulse rapid, full and hard, or small and soft.
48 - () Stiffness in the neck, swollen. Axillary adenopathy and neck.
Bromhidrosis axillary, pruritus. Tingling in the back, extended to members. Heat in the back, which rises, like a heat wave that goes from the sacrum to the neck, worse during menstruation, hot flashes, cervical. Burning pain between the shoulder blades and spine. Pressure sensitivity of the spinous processes of all thoracic vertebrae and left interescapulovertebral space. Weakness of the spine, joints, which disappear abruptly. Pott's disease. Myelitis, and poliomyelitis. Tabes. Backache and back, as if broken, worse after having been sitting too long, difficult or impossible to walk, stand or make the slightest movement. Sacral pain on rising from stooping. Pain in the coccyx, spontaneous and touch, which prevents you from finding a position.
49 - () Paralytic weakness in the limbs, that tremble in the slightest effort, trembling hands to grab something. Hands and feet were very heavy.
Poliomyelitis acute, muscle pain, tingling or numbness or tingling with heat painless paralysis in the affected areas, but in the hands and fingers, and feet. The members fall asleep, especially the tips of fingers and toes, arms and hands, worse on waking. Warmth or burning pain in hands, especially on the palms, a cool looking constantly in bed. Sweaty palms; bromhidrosis feet. Swollen hands and feet, and ankles in the evening and after walking. Joint stiffness washing tomorrow. Red, swollen veins in the hands to hang the upper limb. Hands cold at night or during the chills and diarrhea, cold forearms. Dead fingers. Chapped skin on the joints of the fingers. Pain in the joints of hands and fingers. Weakness in the legs when climbing stairs. Ulcerative pain in the buttocks when sitting. Hands and fingers wrinkled. Psoriasis on the palms and legs. A staggering gait. Parkinson's Disease. Post apoplectic hemiplegia. Twitching in the legs. Exostoses in the femur.
Intense pain and sensitivity in the tibial periosteum with a fever.
Heaviness in legs and behind the knees. Burning in legs and feet. Rheumatic stiffness in the knees. Exostoses on the tibia. Ulcers on legs, surrounded by pustulitas. Cramps in calves. Pain as ros dislocated ankle sprains easy. Icy cold feet, worse at night. Ulcerative pain in soles of the feet when walking. Red and sore big toe. Corns on the toes.
50 - () Sleepiness accentuated after eating or during the day. Sleeplessness before midnight. Can not lie back, and on the left side it is impossible, one can lie on the right side.
Coma vigil. Sueno who do not rest. He wakes up frequently. Erotic dreams or horrible or very vivid, with animals that bite, with thieves,
with fire, fights with the affairs of the day, with killings and deaths, creeping things, and so on. Nightmares. Sleepwalking.
51 - () Chills in the evening till midnight bed, chattering teeth, aversion to uncovering, without thirst, with great weakness; the chills running down his back, followed by fever with thirst and sweating, especially at night. Fever or searing heat, burning, worse at night, with thirst for cold drinks. Rush right. Waves of heat throughout the body, starting in his hands. Sweating, especially the head, hands and feet, or on the right side or in front of the body, profuse in morning and night, worse on coughing, after eating (especially hot food) and the least effort, better awakening or while eating. The sweat smell like sulfur or garlic. Intermittent fevers, with drowsiness, dry lips and black, black tongue and mouth open. Typhoid. Hectic fever, yellow fever. Cold sweats, viscous, sticky, weaken.
52 - () skin with reddish brown spots or yellow or bluish red. Freckles.
Nevus. Ecchymosis. Petechiae. Hemorrhagic Purpura. Sensation as if skin were hanging loose. Ichthyosis. Ulcers bleed during menstruation. Large ulcers surrounded by smaller ones. Seem to have healed wounds open and bleed and heal and re-open again. Hard lumps on the skin. Jaundice. Boil.
Arsenicum Album Allium Cepa Sanguinaria Sepia Silicea. Tuberculinum it goes well and complements its action. China and follows well Calcarca Carbonica.
Incompatible with Causticum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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