Prevention and relationship between colon polyps and colon cancer

Colon cancer - Statistics

Seems to be that colon cancer is a precursor to colon polyps. Polyps are growths in the lining of the colon mucosa. One of the reasons for its formation is when the lining or mucosa is irritated or attacked by the toxins given off the stool. If you have polyps in the colon the risk of colon cancer increases significantly.

To prevent, therefore, colon cancer need to prevent the occurrence of polyps. If you have polyps then you need to prevent them from becoming cancerous.

Here are some ideas you can use in preventing colon cancer whether you have or not have polyps in the colon.

One cause of colon polyps

As mentioned polyps occur when fecal matter is toxic and accumulates in the colon. When fecal matter does not move in the right way it is toxic and then contacts the colon wall. Over time it irritates and weakens more and more of the mucosa. As shown inflammation and irritation continues toxins are absorbed in the colon wall and typical growth occurs. This growth will continue to persist as long as constipation or fecal toxic matter is not ejected in the right way.

Avoiding the proliferation of colon polyps

- First eliminate any form of constipation. Although it is considered normal 4 to 5 bowel movements a week, if you have two bowel movements a day after his three meals then you have to start thinking about the issue seriously. One thing to do is determine how long it takes to digest food pass through your body. A good rule of thumb is that your food should take no more than 24 hours to travel from the mouth to the rectum.

A simple test you can do to find out this is as follows: After breakfast in the morning, drink a glass of juice of any fruit with 60 ml. liquid chlorophyll, you can use red beet juice if you prefer. Then check when you start to see that the stool is green or red. This is your colon transit time. If it takes more than 24 hours then you need to shorten that time.

For the prevention of colon cancer requires that fecal matter move through your colon without remaining in one place for long.

- The second tip that can take into account to prevent colon cancer is to ensure that animal waste is not toxic. There are two things that make your fecal matter more toxic than normal: undigested food and toxic chemicals.

Since the majority of processed foods such as bread, canned foods, cooked foods, processed meats and pasteurized liquids lack digestive enzymes natural, your body can not digest all the food you eat the right way. When food reaches the colon undigested, decomposes harmful bacteria and becomes toxic.

To correct this toxicity start eating more raw foods like fruits and vegetables or seeds, which are full of enzymes. Try to eat ten servings a day. It is far right? Worse is the colon cancer or other diseases of the colon.

Something will have to consider is to read food labels and avoid those foods as much as possible, which contain excess preservatives, dyes, additives, and food stabilizers. There are hundreds of chemicals that are added to foods to help keep food without disintegrate or decompose. In SaludBio have a complete list of these substances can be of great help in deciding. Remember that many of these substances are not digested in the small intestine and move into the colon where they mix with the stool and make it more toxic.

These are two steps you can start applying for preventing colon cancer. If you have polyps, these steps will help keep them under control and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

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