Prevention of fungal infections

Fungal infection

Almost all women worry when we speak of an infection by yeast or fungi which are a great nuisance. However, fungal infections are preventable if you learn some facts about these.

Firstly, the majority of fungal infections are caused by an overgrowth of the fungus Candida which grows in warm, moist areas. But the use of loose clothing and cotton underwear be careful drying area vulvar after bathing will help prevent infections. Some advocate the use of hair dryer for a brief period of time to dry the vulva after bathing and ensure proper drying.

Fungi and sugar

To the Candida also the like sugar, so if you are prone to infections, it is possible that you want to delete the sweets from your diet.

Fungi and lactobacillus

In addition, the yeast could not prosper when good flora or beneficial bacteria, and you can be sure that the yogurt is a food with a good amount of beneficial bacteria. Some medical literature supports the consumption of 250 ml per day of lactobacillus acidophilus yogurt, and in this way reduce infection by yeast. Just make sure that the yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Fungi and personal hygiene

On the subject of sexual relations, the use of vaginal lubrication oil and the use of lubricants based on water for vaginal dryness is a problem. Remember that it must be cleaned from front to back after defecating so that the yeast, which is normally found in the intestinal tract (and the anus), be transferred to the vaginal area.

It is also necessary to avoid perfumed products bathroom or powders in the vaginal area, these can cause irritation that can lead to infection. And don't use Douches! DOUCHING diminish natural protective lining of the vagina leaving the vagina more susceptible to fungus and other vaginal infections.

At the first sign of yeast infection go to your health professional. Remember that you should not self-medicate before an infection yeast unless have previously given you a diagnosis by an infection by yeasts by a health professional.

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